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DIY Car Wash

by Yoshiaki Hirano 01 Aug 2016


Car wash methods

Everyone wants their cars to look attractively clean and shiny, and to have this, we take either three options
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DIY Self Car Wash & Detailing at Home


Everyone has different standards and that applies to the cleanliness of their car. If you’re intent on having an immaculate car, clean it properly, thoroughly and use the right products.


Why a DIY Car Wash is the Best Way to Keep your Car Looking Good


Avoid automatic car washes because the large brushes and cleaning products can cause harm in the long-term. These services, as well as hand car washes, don’t use the best cleaning products and generally use the same one for the whole car.


By cleaning the car yourself, you can ensure you use products that are specific to each part of the car — separate ones for paintwork, glass and wheels — and will do the job. When undertaking a home car wash, you can also check for scratches and other imperfections, something that won’t happen when someone else washes your car. When done at home, car detailing can be quickly rectified if you spot blemishes.


How to Achieve that Perfect Finish with a Self Car Wash


Never wash your car on a hot and sunny day, and try to avoid direct sunlight. This causes the soapy water to dry too quickly, resulting in smears. In summer months, a home car wash is best done in the evening after the heat has lessened.


First, remove excess dirt using a pressure washer or hosepipe with a strong jet of water. This will prevent scratching of the paintwork that could otherwise result by running a sponge or washing mitt over grit on the surface.


Wash the car with a solution of car shampoo and warm water, working downwards from the roof. Never use washing up liquid or anything else not specifically made for the job since these products can damage paintwork. Use a clean sponge or washing mitt.


Home Car Washing & Detailing As Good As the Professionals


Rinse off the soap with a pressure washer or hosepipe and dry with a clean leather. Then carefully inspect the paintwork for residual dirt or damage. Carefully clean off any remaining dirt by repeating the process but soaking more thoroughly.


Any deep scratches or chips will need professional repair but smaller ones can be masked by applying wax polish and buffing to a shine. This will also add depth to the colour and protect the paint against UV rays and contaminants.


Don’t forget to clean windows and wheels to keep your car in prime condition. Vacuum the interior and clean the upholstery or leather.


For all these jobs, ensure you use best quality products specific for the task rather than general purpose cleaners that may not be suitable. Check our range of DIY detailing products for the best ones. And don’t forget to read the instructions to make sure you use them properly to obtain the best possible self car detailing results.


More Than Just Self Car Wash & Detialing Tips at Sensha

Do you want to drive just one car for the rest of your life? Probably not and unless you are a car collector, then the chances are that you will cycle through many different vehicles in your driving life. As such, you can expect a certain amount of depreciation in terms of the price you are able to command when the time arrives to sell or trade. Car detailing is a costly luxury that few can afford very often, but fortunately, the possibility to achieve the same results is now possible with DIY car wash products.

DIY Car Wash Solutions with a Difference

At Sensha, we have developed an extensive line of products that afford the average motorist the chance to access coating, basic wash and special wash solutions that will make their vehicles shine like new, and remain protected for much longer. Over the past two decades, our team has worked collaboratively with public institutions, universities and under the guidance of Japan Industrial Standards to achieve exceptional results and innovative cleaning products that make self car wash a reality for many more people than ever before.

Improving Resale Value

Your primary goal when you plan to trade or sell your car is to get the best possible price for it. Naturally, nobody assumes that they will recoup their initial investment in full, but there are plenty of ways that you can put yourself in the driving seat when the time comes to negotiate by taking care of the paintwork while it is in your ownership.

Here at Sensha, we believe that home car detailing is a sure-fire way to increase the resale value of your car. Prevention is better than the cure is an old maxim that holds true in this regard. Daily wear and tear will have a direct impact on the integrity of your paintwork.

Defects such as scratches and oxidized surfaces all detract from the first impression that your car makes when a prospective buyer arrives. Your goal should be to take the time to apply protective solutions that will rebuff the elements and keep things shiny and vibrant for years.

Our Australian customers continually refer to the detrimental effect that the sun’s rays have on their paintwork. If you are one of the many that have no choice but to park your car in direct sunlight every day, then you surely appreciate just how fast the paint can dull and fade. What’s more, this intense exposure breaks down the protective barriers originally in place and makes the paint much more susceptible to rusting, scratching and the damaging effect that winter chemicals can have.

Having an exceptional home car wash kit at your disposal is a quick, affordable and easy way to maintain the appearance of your car for longer. Safeguard your motor against oxidization and that horrible cloudy appearance that comes when your UV inhibitors no longer provide effective protection.

Self Car Detailing with Professional Results

Those that are interested in DIY car detailing and who believe that they could achieve just as good a result than the professionals are invited to explore our product range here at Sensha. Why not take action today and achieve an incredible look for your tires that will turn heads? Best of all, if you want to save a little more, why not create a free account and avail of an immediate 15% discount on some of our products on your first order?

Self car detailing is the easiest way to protect your investment. With exceptional solutions that have given immense satisfaction to countless customers to date, you can achieve more for your car and for a lot less when you choose products by the team here at Sensha.

What do you need in your home car wash kit?

Here at SENSHA we have been researching, developing and manufacturing car wash products since 1997. Now available in Australia, we are excited to offer you the chance to buy SENSHA products directly from us – no middlemen, or higher prices – and all our products have been designed to be easy to use, at home, by anyone.

We sell directly to customers online and offer these products to automotive-related enterprises – so your local garage may use these products to clean their stock!

If you regularly get your car washed professionally, you know that they are armed with a multitude of sponges, shampoos and waxes to detail your car, and it can be quite daunting to try and emulate the kit of a professional detailing company, but if you buy from SENSHA our system is simple and easy to understand.

The SENSHA Difference

When we create our products, we don’t look at the car as a whole. Your car is made from many different materials, and our chemicals are formulated to work with specific areas as much as possible.


The main paintwork on the body of the car is the area that is the largest, so it needs a specific cleaning solution. Our car shampoo is part of the Basic Wash range, and therefore is perfect for this – but we have task-specific options for the body too – such as bird dropping removal and scratch removal – that offers a more ‘special’ wash.


Glass cleaner is the basic option, but when you have oily film, ring stains and water spots, you need a more specific cleaner. And when you finish your glass with our coating, you will need washer fluid that works well on that extra layer – so we provide that too!


The work that the wheels and tyres do means that they meet many different types of impurities, and this can negatively affect both the way they look and their performance. Car shampoo will help to clean these areas, but to get specific, you need brake dust and iron powder removed and a wash that is formulated specifically to deal with this area.


The plasticised nature of the materials used to create the bumpers and mouldings means that you need to be careful of what products you use on these to prevent staining or fading of the paintwork. When you add metal parts to this, you must use plating polish to get a real shine – and don’t forget all these products come with full colour instructions.

Engine Room

It might only get attention from your mechanic but being under the bonnet doesn’t mean it should be forgotten about when cleaning! With the combination of oil, fuel and water that is found in the engine area, you need to make sure that the cleaning solution you use is going to work safely and not affect the performance. Our Engine Specific Wash has been formulated to get rid of these tough stains, but not affect the engine in any way.


Whether your interior is leather or not, looking after all the fabric will make sure that the inside of your car gleams as much as the outside, and with our part specific washes, you can be sure of that.


By far the most important part of any car detailing kit, the SENSHA Glass Coating is the finishing touch that makes any car look glossy. Pure and inorganic, our fully transparent silicon-based coating is as hard as Quartz, water-repellent and durable. Dirt doesn’t adhere, it doesn’t peel or crack, and acts as a sacrifice layer if there is any scratches or small areas of damage.

We have a comprehensive list of absolutely every product you could need for your car care kit, and with no need to purchase specialised sponges or any other equipment, the SENSHA range is perfect for attaining professional results at home. Have a look at what we have to offer and remember there is free shipping for orders over $50.

Sensha is Australia's leading supplier of the best car cleaning and detailing products online. We specialise in car glass coating, car window cleaners, car tire wax, home car detailing supplies, cheap car shampoo, car polish and shine, car wash sponges and microfiber cloths, car wheel cleaner, car ceramic coating, car tire shine, car compounds, car paint protection, car cleaning and detailing kits, car interior cleaner and car leather cleaner.

We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and everywhere in between.

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1. Use car wash machine

2. Go to car wash place (cafe)

3. Wash by yourself


Then the question is: which is the best?



Many car owners think hand-wash is better than machine-wash, but why?

When we ask this question to car owners who prefer hand car wash, many of them say:


"Less scratches"

"Better quality"


This is not totally true. Recent car wash machines have self-cleaning system so that a chance to make scratches on car surfaces is pretty much the same as hand-wash, and techniques and quality they provide should not be underestimated.



Part specific and problem specific approach



You are now confused because we stated hand-wash and machine-wash provide similar or even the same quality.


The most important thing of car care is:


Understanding material characteristics and problem (dirt / stain) characteristics


A car is a construction of different parts and each part is made of different materials. Likewise, there are so many different types of problems (dirt / stains) on car surfaces. For instance, a coating agent for paint surfaces should not be used for wheels because they are totally different materials, and also you cannot use an iron powder cleaner for removing water scales because dirt characteristics are totally different.


It is 100% impossible to perfectly wash your car by just one product. If there is a product saying "can remove any dirt and stains on your car body", this product does not understand specifications of each car part and dirt, thus it could be "too strong" or "not sufficient" resulting in damages and spending too much time for car wash.


In addition, the car care does not mean only "wash", your car must be "coated". Coating work must be performed to maintain and advance the condition, and as the same as car wash, part specific coating is required to obtain the best coating performances to make your car have the clean and finest glossy shine look.



DIY car washing and coating



Let's go back to the original question: which car care method is better?

The answer is:


Do It Yourself!


Machine car wash still use one shampoo and one coating agent for the entire car washing process and it cannot identify parts and dirt characteristics. Also services provided from car washing places (cafes) are totally not adequate because they use, the same as machine wash, the same product for different materials, dirt and stains, this means that staffs in there could wash and rub your car hardly to remove dirt and stains resulting scratches. Even though they use multiple products for car wash, these products come from different companies so a compatibility is questionable hence there is a change of damages to your car.


And!, most importantly,


It is your car, you know what you want better than anyone else!


Each person has a different sense of cleanness, for instance, a staff in car washing cafe says "I have finished washing your car, it is now clean and shiny", but you might not think so because you have a different sense of cleanness, not the same as the staff.


If you do car washing and coating by yourself, you know what do you want, so you can wash and coat your car until you achieve targets you set!



SENSHA products

SENSHA offers a full product range of car washing and coating products. All our products are part specific and problem (dirt / stain) specific. By doing this, the quality and performance our products provide are maximized. 


We manufacture not only coating products, but also washing products. All your car washing and coating requirements can be satisfied by us. The compatibility was fully checked across the all our product range.



Our Products are exported to more than 18 countries from Japan. We continuously satisfy customer requirements by focusing on quality and reliability by utilizing the DANTOSTU (in English, unsurpassable) quality components, and also product designs enabling the part and problem specific approach with an ease of use. Therefore, everyone can get the same superior finishing and effects, it is not a concern that you are a beginner or an expert.


"SENSHA" in Japanese means "Car washing and Coating"

So! Let's start DIY SENSHA!



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