Metal Plating Polish
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Metal Plating Polish

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60ml - for around 12 cars
125ml - for around 25 cars



Metal Plating Polish - compound specially for metal plating

Product details

Restore the original shine of chrome/plating parts

Features of Metal Plating Polish

Polishing Plating Parts

Dedicated compound

Remove Scratches

Improve dullness

Remove Water Spots

Improve cloudiness

Finishing Compound

Provide glossy finish

2 Types of Sponges

Polish properly


Polishing Plating Parts

Metal Plating Polish is specifically formulated for polishing metal plating parts used on cars, such as emblems, window frames, bumper, moulding and grilles, to improve the surface conditions of them. The product can also be used on black-coloured window frames.

Remove Scratches

Surfaces of metal plating and chrome parts get dull and lose gloss with age. The main reason is scratches made during washing and wiping. These countless small scratches make plating parts surfaces look dull.

Metal Plating Polish is a special-purpose compound for metal plating and chrome surfaces to remove these scratches.

Remove Water Spots

Metal Plating Polish is also very effective for water spot removal and situations where black-coloured chrome window frames have become clouded. These types of dirt are more difficult to remove if left for a long time, so it is recommended to take an action as soon as you notice.

Finishing Compound

Metal Plating Polish comes with two kinds of compounds to specifically address your car's condition of dullness and scratches:

・Liquid A: rough compound for removing dullness, stains and scratches
・Liquid B: fine compound for final finishing

2 Types of Sponges

Metal Plating Polish comes with 2 types of sponges:

・Utility Sponge Half: soft and fine sponge to polish surfaces lightly
・Felt Sponge for Polishing: hard and rough sponge to powerfully polish surfaces

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Metal Plating Polish A1
2. Metal Plating Polish B
3. Utility Sponge Half2
4. Felt Sponge for Polishing2
5. Basic Cloth S-Size1

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How to use

Instruction Movie

Coming soon. Its application is very similar to Plastic Polish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Todd C.

Got this a while ago, cleaned rain/water spots off Chromed Plastic and emblems, also puts a nice shine back. This will be the only chrome polish I'll use!

Bhairav D.

Perfect item to remove lust and dirt on metal. B Liquid gives water proof. I will have also coating as well.

Anthony A.

I was looking like this product for long time as my audi emblem got less shine even though I washed them. This comes with 2 bottles and love B bottle more as it really made emblem shiney. Bit expensive but recommended.

Tack N.

Metal moulding got whitened and had dot stains since I newly got this audi 3 years ago.
Interesting to have A and B liquids and they worked nicely to polish stains away. B liquid also gives some gloss which is good.