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Clean Clay

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Clean Clay - clay for removing iron powder and paint mist

Product details

Create smooth paint surfaces

Features of Clean Clay

Iron Powder Removal

Smooth surface

Paint Mist Removal

Smooth surface

Powerful Cleaning

Remove bonded dirt

Simple Application

Just rub surfaces

Alternative of Liquid

Clay type

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Iron Powder Removal

Clean Clay removes a large amount of stubborn iron powders which cannot be removed with liquid type iron powder cleaners. 

Rubbing surfaces with Clean Clay makes the surfaces very smooth.

Paint Mist Removal

Paint mists reduce the beauty of your car and make rough touch surfaces, not smooth.

Clean Clay is effective to remove paint mists on car body surfaces to boost pleasant touch of surfaces.


Powerful Cleaning

The clay physically rubs and removes dirt stubbornly bonded to paint surfaces.

Simple Application

Its application is quite simple. After washing your car, cover Clean Clay with a wet towel and rub surfaces affected by paint mists and/or iron powders, while surfaces are wet.

Alternative of Liquid

For new cars or cars with surfaces in a good condition, it is recommended to use Iron Cut to dissolve iron powders to remove. This process does not cause scratches on surfaces.

If iron powders cannot be removed through multiple applications of Iron Cut, then use Clean Clay. This is a clay that physically rubs surfaces to remove stubborn iron powders.

This product physically rubs on surfaces to remove dirt so it may cause surface scratches. If scratching occurs, it can be easily removed by polishing with

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Customer Reviews

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Viraj K.

I was annoyed by the paint mist on the windshield, roof glass and all the glass. I really cant clean it well even though I used the commercial clay cleaner.When I found this clay cleaner, I was a bit worried because the price is quite expensive and afraid i dont use it. I tried it immediately on weekend after purchase i found it very interesting ^-^ and very recommend it to everyone!

Thomas W.

I am at a loss that somehow paint musts attached my car's front window and roof... It's easy if I ask a coating shop to get rid of them, but it's expensive, so I decided to remove them myself. I bought some at major car shops , but I was struggling because I could not completely remove them but I found this sensha cray. This is different from what you can get everywhere. The paint mist on the roof that couldn't be removed was also removed completely. I used the clay to a whole car body and it became smooth like a newly delivered a car. This is a pro use item but non-pro guy like me can use easily.

James R.

did a fantastic job for coating prep

Karan K.

This clay is bigger than normal commercial ones and this removes almost all dirt and paint mist attached as promised. I hope this is bit cheaper as other shops sell around $15.

Fabian B.

Delivered very quick. This is bigger than others so it is very quick to clean panels and works as it's supposed to be. Good.