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80 minutes of car body wash

by Yoshiaki Hirano 24 Sep 2019


Superfine car wash from the professional


"I am busy but I want my car look nice."

"I do not wanna go out with my dirty car, even though I do not have time for car washing."


Are you the one? Let us introduce 80 minutes superfine car body wash processes without cutting corners.


We also mention how long each process requires so please use it as a reference.



[Step 1] Remove dirt, sand, dust and other foreign matters (Time required: 20 minutes)

The first step is to use car shampoo to wash your car.


After rinse off dirt, sands, dust and other foreign matters with a strong jet of water, pour car washing liquid into a bucked and work up a good foam with a strong water jet.

If a bucket is dirty due to sand and dirt, it might cause scratches on surfaces.

Do not forget to wash all the washing tools before car wash.


Likewise, make sure sponges are also clean.

If sand and dirt are inside of a sponge, you might be finding scratches on surfaces after car wash.


Basically, car surfaces are not washed by a sponge, but they are washed with a fine foam. This is the correct way. Therefore, wash your car surfaces gently like wrapping dirt and sand with lots of the fine foam.


Car shampoo Click here for details!







[Step 2] Remove bird droppings and insects (Time required: 10 minutes)


Those insects stuck on your car body for a long time are quite hard to remove. This can be said to bird droppings as well.Insects come to lights so when you drive in the night time, they are stuck on your car body. If you can clean up them every time, it is easy to remove them but of course you cannot wash your car everyday.

Many car owners (even professionals) actually rub hardly to remove them but it could cause scratches on surfaces.


What is the correct way then? You have to think differently.



What we do is to dissolve insects and bird droppings stuck on surfaces rather than rubbing firmly so that you do not make any scratches on your car surfaces. There is the product for this.

Just spray and wait until those dirt are dissolved, then all you need is to gently wash with a sponge and car shampoo.


Bugs and bird droppings dissolving agent Click here for details! 





[Step 3] Remove iron powders causing rough body surfaces (Time required: 20 minutes)

The next step is for rough body surfaces, means removing iron powders.


"My car used to have the smooth body but now..."


Many car owners experience this.

The main cause of a rough surface is due to iron powders. Yes, it is an iron. Iron powders are pouring onto your car everyday.


Actually, those iron powders are easy to remove by just spray and wait for couple of minutes.


What we use is the iron remover.

Once you spray this onto iron powders, they are colored purple and dissolved like the picture below.


The iron remover only reacts to irons hence it never damages paint surfaces.


After the reaction, you just need to water off them, and body surfaces will be smooth. It is quite easy.


Iron remover Click here for details!



[Step 4] Remove water scales (Time required: 20 minutes)


If water scales are not severe, normal washing with shampoo can clean them up, but if it is severe...After the iron removal, let's move on to remove water scales.


So, how do you clean up them?


Many car owners think "rubbing to remove!". We know it is a natural thinking but it of course makes scratches on your car body and does not wash off water scales completely.


In order to remove those severe water scales perfectly without causing scratches, you need the dedicated product.


There are many water scale removers sold in shops but you might worry about many things before buying...


"This really can remove water scales?"

"My car has a coating... Can I use this?"


The majority of water scale removers sold in shops is very average and just acceptable so that their performances and effects are not great. This is indeed the truth.


Professionals actually use various types of water scale removers properly based upon car manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, body color and dirt severeness because each car has different characteristics and a dirt condition varies all the times, and this approach leads to the effective water scale removal.


There is a service that if you provide your car and dirt condition information when ordering, you will get the best match mixture of the scale cleaner the professional chooses.


Water scale cleaner Click here for more details!



[Step 5] Glass coating (Time required: 10 minutes)


You might be busy one or another so it is better to make your car shiny without taking so much time.The last step is to conduct glass coating.


So! the product we introduce here just needs 10 minutes to complete glass coating.


This spray type glass coating agent, you just need to spray it onto the surface while the surface is wet and unwiped, and apply vertically and horizontally with a sponge for rubbing in.


After the rubbing, gently rinse the surface with water.

You might think "Is it okay to rinse surfaces with water...?", but of course it is NO problem and the product is designed for this way.


The adherence of this glass coating agent to a surface is extremely high hence gently rinsing with water after the application is the best system.


When you use wax, you will have to wipe off wax with a cloth after its application which is very time consuming. But, this glass coating agent eliminates that work by gently rinsing surfaces with water.


Like the picture, extra coating components are not on the surface by just gently rinsing the surface with water.

Immediately after the rinsing, the glass coating film will perform the great water repellent effect. 


Finish by wiping remaining water and moisture with a cloth.


And! When you re-coat the glass coating on the glass coating film, the coating effects will be advanced.


Because you could be busy one or another, this glass coating is very useful.


Spray type glass coating Click here for details!



[Additional Step] Remove tar and pitch


But, driving on a new-paved road actually causes tar and pitch on bottom side of your car. Tar and pitch issue also happens during summer when roads (asphalt) are hot.It feels good to drive on new roads because they are clean and tidy.


Tar and pitch are types of oil so that they cannot be removed by car shampoo.

Once tar and pitch are attached to body surfaces, they will be completely hardened.


You might think to use compounds or clay to remove them but it is NG! Compounds and clay cannot remove tar and pitch cleanly so you could be doing again and again to damage surfaces.


You need the dedicated cleaner to dissolve tar and pitch to be removed rather than rubbing or polishing.


Tar and pitch cleaner Click here for details!


Making your car clean and beautiful leads to safe driving.

You cannot drive recklessly with your car you spend times for to make beautiful. It is actually pretty natural.

So, you gotta go out with your loving shiny car and safe driving!


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