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SENSHA Glass Coating

SENSHA Glass Coating

"What is Glass Coating?"
"Which is better, Glass Coating or Wax"

We often get these questions from customers. There are many shops offering car wax so that you know what it is, but not Glass Coating.
In terms of ingredients, the difference between Glass Coating and wax is:

Wax uses an Oil Component as the main ingredient.
Glass Coating uses Silicon (chemical formula: Si) as the main ingredient.

Because Glass Coating and wax are made of different components, they are totally different. Let's compare them and determine which product has the superiority.

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The traditional way of keeping your vehicle looking good is to wash it frequently and apply wax polish at intervals. However, this has a very short-term effect, provides minimal protection and has been overtaken by new and better methods.
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Compare: Car Glass Coating & Car Wax

Car Glass Coating Comparison to Sealant and Wax Polish

The traditional wax polish used on cars come as a liquid or paste that you apply to the paintwork after washing and drying, and then buff to a gloss finish. This type of treatment does initially create an impressive shine and a degree of protection for the paintwork. However, that effect decreases each time you wash the vehicle and you’ll need to reapply every one to four months.

Sealants are available in liquid form and contain resins, polymers and synthetics that bind to the paint to provide protection. They’re relatively easy to apply and typically last six to twelve months before renewal is necessary.

The Best Glass Coating Available Online

Car glass coating has the purest silicon ingredients to ensure the most effective and durable protection for your vehicle’s paintwork. An application typically lasts twelve months to 24 months 8 years before you need to do anything further.

For all these types of protection, you can wash your vehicle as normal after application and all will be degraded to some extent by washing and general use. However, the extent of degradation is hardly noticeable for glass coating for cars, hence its long life.

When you compare glass coating to other means of protection, it is the most expensive and requires the greatest care in its application. But the additional cost is offset by the less frequent use and Sensha’s  SENSHA’s Crystal glass coating is designed for easy application by inexperienced users and has full instructions.

How Glass Coating for Cars Protects Your Vehicle

Car glass coating bonds to the vehicle’s paint and so you need to ensure the bodywork is properly cleaned and dry before you start. It forms an additional layer that is sometimes referred to as a ‘sacrificial layer’ because its purpose is to take the impact of knocks, scrapes and environmental damage rather than the paint itself. The reason you need to reapply at times is more to do with repairing that damage rather than the failing of the glass coating itself.

The glass coating, if you compare to other methods, provides protection against dirt, stones, sunlight, minor scrapes and various environmental factors. It makes your vehicle easier to clean and provides a high gloss finish that lasts. You can, if you wish, apply extra layers of protection with wax polish on top of the glass coating. That, however, is personal preference rather than necessity because, if you compare glass coating to other methods of protection, it wins hands down every time and in all aspects.

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8 Comparisons of Glass Coating and Wax

1. Gloss

When Glass Coating was just introduced to the market, its glossiness was weaker than wax because wax us made of oil contents so that it can make a shine pretty easily. In order to overcome this, SENSHA advanced Glass Coating technology significantly, therefore now Glass Coating forms the fully transparent inorganic Glass Coating layer providing the exceedingly intense glossiness. SENSHA Glass Coating provides the by far more intense glossy shine finishing than wax.

Also, the glossiness of SENSHA Glass Coating is stated as "GLOSS LIKE YOUR CAR IS WET". This glossiness is the main reason why SENSHA Glass Coating is chosen as the best.

2. Durability

SENSHA Glass Coating has the longer durability than wax. When wax is applied, it is just on car surfaces so that it is easily removed by rains or car wash. On the other hand, Glass Coating is chemically bonded to car surfaces when it is applied, so its adhesion is exceedingly strong. The Glass Coating layer cannot be removed by just rains or car wash.

Also, as previously mentioned that wax is made of oil contents so that it will be oxidized and deteriorated. Wax cannot provide its intended effects for a long time. Oxidization and deterioration will not occur for Glass Coating. Therefore, with the exceedingly high adhesion, SENSHA Glass Coating performs its features for a long time.

3. Price

Unlike wax, no repeat applications are required for SENSHA Glass Coating. It is chemically bonded to car surfaces providing the extreme adhesion to perform its features for a long time. Therefore, you do not need to buy products often. One example is our Crystal Glow 8 Year Coating (glass caoting agent specially for paint surface), its glass coating layer remains on a car for 8 years and it is just $2.18/month.

SESNHA Glass Coating also beats car detaling shops. Since you can apply Glass Coating by yourself, you do not need to pay an expensive labour cost at a detaling shop. Plus, you buy products directly from us, there are no middle companies so that you are guaranteed to get the lowest price.

4. Ease of Application

SENSHA products are particular about providing the professional quality with easy applications so that anyone can have the same quality finishing. SENSHA Glass Coating is quite easy to apply, even for people who have never used car wax; just apply with a sponge and wipe, or even simply spray and wipe. You will be freed up from the hard wiping job of wax.

Also, fine scratches can be less visible by the Glass Coating layer so that you could not need to ask a detailing shop for an expensive polishing job, or do it yourself using our products.

Plus, all SENSHA products come with the full-clour pictured instruction manual that explains each step with a picture.

5. Protection

SENSHA Glass Coating establishes the high hardness Glass Coating layer and this protects a car from scratches, UVs and other harmful substances. Its superior protection capability cannot be compared to wax because wax is not made for a car protection. The Glass Coating layer performs as the "sacrificing layer" to protect your car. When scratches occur, these scratches are on the Glass Coating layer, not on car surfaces so that the value and shine of your car will be maintained.

SENSHA curing type Glass Coating such as Crystal Glow forms above the 9H hardness Glass Coating layer to protect your car and this was tested in accordance of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

6. Part Specific

You need to use Part Specific products to obtain the best quality finishing. For instance, glass coating for paint surfaces is not suitable for wheels or others because they are different materials and parts. SENSHA maximizes the quality and performance of Glass Coating with the understanding of material and part characteristics. Therefore, SENSHA Glass Coating is Part Specific. This part specific approach does not exist in a wax product range and any other car chemical companies.

A product that can be used any car parts sounds very convenient, however this cannot be possible unless sacrifying qualities and performances.

7. Antifouling

SENSHA Glass Coating has the superior antifouling effect compared to wax. The main ingredient of wax is an oil content therefore it cannot avoid oxidization and deterioration. An oxidized and deteriorated wax surface collects dirt and dusts. Actually, the more you re-coat wax on wax, the more dirt and dusts will be collected and the more causes of stains and water scales will be made. This also leads to a lack of gloss on car surfaces. Glass Coating is not oxidized and deteriorated so that it does not collect dirt and dusts.

Plus, an adhesion of dirt and dusts is significantly weakened on the Glass Coating layer, hence it prevents sticking of dirt and dusts, and makes them to be removed by easy car wash.

8. Water Repellency

Since wax itself is oil, it has a sort of water repellent effect. However, SENSHA significantly advanced the water repellent effect of Glass Coating to be far more superior. This allows rain water or the like falling on the glass coating surface to form water droplets and slip off on the surface quickly. This water repellent effect also prevents water stains and scalling on car body, and enables quick wiping during car wash.

Glass Coating with water repellent effect has more gloss than non water repellent type Glass Coating. All SENSHA Glass Coating products have the superior water repellent effect so that your car will stand out not only in a sunny day, but also in a rainy day and even at night time.

Curing Type and Adhesion Type

"Dantotsu" - The Best of Best

Curing Type and Adhesion Type

SENSHA Research and Development (R&D) concentrates on developing the Dantotsu (in English, the best of best) quality glass coating with an ease of use. There are many good car coating products saying lasting long, high protection, enabling easy car wash and so on. However, there is a tendency that recent car coating products only focus on providing those features so that those products actually sacrifice "an ease of use". Therefore, it could be time consuming to apply or car owners are unable to use those products by themselves so that have to ask professionals for coating jobs and maintenance.

All SENSHA products are easy to use. The curing type glass coating agents are applied simply with the dedicated coating sponge and cloth and wipe after car wash. The adhesion type coating is even easier, just spray and wipe after car wash. You can glass-coat your car by yourself and everyone can obtain the same finishing and effects, no professionalism and special equipment necessary.

Excellent Coating = The Dantotsu quality finishing and effects with an ease of use



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