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Iron Cut

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Product Type: Body Special Wash
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Iron Cut - iron powder removal agent

Product details

Create the silky smooth surface

Features of Iron Cut

Iron Powder Removal

Smooth surface

For Entire Exterior

Body, wheel and more+

pH Neutral

No staining

Dissolve Iron Powder

No scratching

Alternative of Clay

For newer car

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Remove Iron Powder on Body

Iron Cut is a spray type iron powder remover. After spraying the product on affected areas, iron powders will change their colours to purple. Just wash off with water after this change happens. This will make surfaces silky smooth.

For Entire Exterior

Iron Cut can be used on the entire car exterior; body, wheel, window, bumper moulding and metal plating parts.


pH Neutral

Iron Cut is pH neutral so there is no damage or discoloration on your car.

Dissolve Iron Powder

With Iron Cut, you do not need rubbing surfaces hard. After spraying the product on iron powders, they will turn purple in colour and be dissolved.

Alternative of Clay

For new cars or cars with surfaces in a good condition, it is recommended to use Iron Cut to dissolve iron to remove. This process does not cause scratches on surfaces.

If iron powders cannot be removed through multiple applications of Iron Cut, then use Clean Clay. This is a clay that physically rubs surfaces to remove iron powders.

What in the set

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How to use

Instruction Movie

Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alan R.

Very good to use

Cameron M.

Great product. Works awesome

You can use Iron Cut on both body and wheels. Enjoy washing!

Wahab U.

Unlike using the clay cleaner, it's fun.
I think it took about 2 hours for the whole body ...
There were some areas that I could not get rid of at once, but honestly to say I am satisfied.
As shown in the picture, it reacts immediately after spraying.
The post treatment is a simple treatment that only pouring the water.
I think it is even better if there is a guideline for the amount that we need to spray.

Seth D.

Because I am an amateur, I decided that iron powder removal by clay was expensive, so I bought an iron cut.
It is very helpful because it can be used like a car wash

Lea C.

Product is excellent, knowledgeable staff.. Would definitely recommend to friends.