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Product Type: Engine Room Coating
Product volume: 60ml
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Engine Wax - protective lustering agent specially for engine compartment

Product details

Attract you by the real car beauty

Features of Engine Wax

Deep Gloss

Get attentions

Antifouling effect

Non oil-base

Coat All Parts

Metal, rubber, plastic &

Long Durability

Up to 6 months

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Deep Gloss

Engine Wax is the special-purpose coating with a new formulation of penetrating molecules. It restores and provides the deep luster.

Antifouling effect

It forms a coating layer to parts in the engine compartment. The coating layer is smooth and provides an antifouling effect that an adhesion of dirt, and dusts is weakened on the surface.

You will spend less time to clean your engine compartment.

Coat All Parts

Engine Wax can be used for metal, rubber and plastic parts in an engine compartment.

Long Durability

Many car detailing shops use tire wax to coat parts in an engine compartment. Tire wax is not designed for engine room coating and thus is not able to provide satisfactory results in terms of gloss and durability due to the different environments between tires and engine compartments.

Engine Wax was developed specifically for coating engines. The coating adhesion is extremely strong and therefore the coating benefits are exhibited perfectly in the harsh environment of an engine compartment.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Engine Wax1
2. Utility Sponge half2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colin C.

It seems it is less likely to have dust than ordinary glazing products, it looks good.

Jay H.

It cleans and puts a shine on all parts of the engine bay including the vinyl

Nicky J.

Excellent item

Steven M.

I use this with dedicated engine cleaner and look great, Nice to have specific product for each car part.