Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional
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Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional

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Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional - thick-oil-based tire wax

Product details

Enhance your car beauty from the bottom

Features of Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional

Showroom Look Shine

Get attentions

Water Repellent Effect

Satisfying look

Long Durability

Up to 8 weeks

No Flying Off

Safe application

3 Types of Shine

Choose your preference

Showroom Look Shine on Tire

Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional creates the intense deep luster on tires like cars in motor shows and showrooms.


Water Repellent Effect

The tire coating layer allows water, rainwater or the like falling on the coating layer surface to form water droplets and slip off on the surface quickly. This is a very satisfying looking and your car stands out even when driving in rainy days.

Long Durability

The coating lasts up to 8 weeks. It forms the strong and muscular film on tire surfaces to provide an outstanding durability.

No Flying Off

This product contains alcohol. After application, the alcohol component evaporates quickly so there is almost no scattering of the coating agent.

3 Types of Shine

You can select from three types of tire wax depending on your intended purpose or preference.

Aqueous Tire Wax

Natural shine

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Oleaginous Tire Wax

Deep shine

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Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional

Showroom look shine


What in the set

Package Contents

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1. Oleaginous Tire Wax Professional1
2. Utility Sponge2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Y.

This product is very good. The car looks good with the black tyre vax

Nick R.

I have been using so many different types of tire shine, but this wax is so far the most glossy like tires just got washed and it lasts longer than others. I will buy it again

John S.

The liquid itself is thick so it is easy to put on tires. Couple of rainy days after waxing but tires are still glossy. It is because of the thick liquid?

Kevin S.

Works as expected.