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SENSHA | Scratch Cut

Compound specially for paint surface

  • SENSHA chooses the type of Scratch Cut that best matches your car
  • Remove scratches, water spots, dullness, stains and dirt
  • Non-silicon-type compound to advance polishing power
  • Combination of several polishing particles to advance the polishing power
  • For 4 cars

Body Special Wash

Scratch Cut

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SENSHA | Glass Polish

Water spot removal agent specially for window

  • Remove scaly stains on windows
  • Improve the surface condition of car windows
  • Can be used on all the glasses of a car
  • Contain the advanced compound for polishing glass
  • For 6 windshields

Window Special Wash

Glass Polish

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SENSHA | Plastic Polish

Compound specially for plastic

  • Polish to remove dullness, scratches and yellowing of plastic parts
  • Restore and improve the beauty of headlights and taillights
  • Advanced polishing power by 2 kind of liquids
  • Advanced polishing power by 2 kind of sponges
  • For 10 headlights

Body Special Wash

Plastic Polish

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SENSHA | Metal Plating Polish

Compound specially for metal plating

  • Revive the original shine of plated parts
  • Remove dullness and water spot on plated parts
  • Remove whitening of window frames
  • No damages or scratches on plated parts
  • For 5 cars

Moulding/Bumper Special Wash

Metal Plating Polish

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SENSHA | Felt Sponge for Polishing

Special Wash Tools

Felt Sponge for Polishing

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Cordless Power Polisher

Utility Special Wash

Cordless Power Polisher


Best Car Polish Shine

After washing and drying your car, applying a polish adds that final touch to leave your vehicle gleaming. But there are a confusing number of products out there so how do you get the best result?

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Choose the Best Car Polish for the Job

Many people are confused by car wax and car polish, and the products do have different purposes. Car polish uses a light abrasive action to flatten the surface of the top coat of paint so it reflects the light evenly and gives a high gloss appearance. Some polishes also contain oils that enhance the gloss finish to give a deeper shine.

After your polish is applied, it will be degraded by dirt, weather, other contaminants and even washing so that the car polish shine is reduced. To prolong the effect of the polish, you can apply wax that will provide an additional layer of protection. Good quality wax will withstand high temperatures without melting, be virtually insoluble so it isn’t washed away and will produce a durable and glossy finish.

Many modern products now combine polish and wax so you can create in one operation a high gloss finish that’s extremely durable. These products come in paste or liquid form and are easy to apply

How to Achieve by Hand the Best Car Polish

Once you’ve thoroughly washed and dried the car, and ensured it’s completely clean, the next stage is to enhance the shine. Apply a small amount of polish to each area of the bodywork using a cloth or pad and spread it around, working it into the surface. Don’t use too much polish because that will achieve no benefit but will make it harder to work it in until it’s almost clear.

Always read the instructions before you start and, if necessary, leave the polish for a period until cured. Then use a clean cloth (microfiber ones are best) to buff the surface, removing any polish residue and creating a gloss finish. 

The Best Car Polish & Shine Available Online

You can do all this by hand or can use an electric car polisher to apply the polish and, in particular, to buff the paintwork. This reduces the amount of effort involved and is likely to produce a better shine.

If you do use a polisher, keep at a low speed when applying and spreading the polish, and then increase this when buffing the paintwork. Some polishers can allegedly damage paintwork but, if you choose the best car polisher and use it carefully and attentively, a brilliant finish is assured.

More Than Just Car Polish & Shine Products at Sensha

No matter how hard we try to insulate our cars from damage and harm the reality is that over time it will incur the occasional scratch or spot that has a detrimental effect on the overall look of your paintwork. Few people have money to hand that they can throw at a brand new paint job whenever things get to a point where the blemishes detract from the once resplendent colour. As such, an easy way to regain some of that original lustre can be achieved by using an effective car polisher.

Car Polish Innovations That Deliver Professional Results

At Sensha, we are proud to offer a wide range of solutions in this regard. Since 1997 we have developed an extensive range of products to ensure that motorists around the world can access and put the best of solutions to work from their homes. This not only alleviates the expense associated with professional car detailing, but it empowers motorists and car enthusiasts to take control of the maintenance and care of their car.

Car polish is just one of many products that we have on offer that is easy to use and will deliver a professional finish. Our commitment to quality and reliability affords our customers the confidence to use our products in their own homes and advance the condition of their car. Having such solutions at your disposal can enable you to schedule and regularly maintain the appearance of your vehicle and, over time you can expect to see remarkable results.

Car Polish Benefits

At Sensha, many of our past clients have wondered whether polishing is actually needed as part of their maintenance and upkeep efforts. Plenty of motorists skip it, but this is solely down to a lack of information in terms of what they can achieve by embracing this step in the process.

You want your car to look its best and if there are scratches present or if the coating that used to be so consistent has become a little uneven then acquiring the best car polish solution on the market here at Sensha is something worth seriously considering.

Polishing your car can even up the paintwork and can make the overall appearance look that bit smoother and more consistent. It also is an effective buffer, that will help remove surface scratches. Naturally, deeply embedded scratches require a little more attention, but for those finer marks, this is a highly dependable solution that can work wonders.

Spotting in the paintwork is a nuisance that nobody appreciates. The fastest way to detracting from the negative effect that this has is to engage the best car polisher out there to even up the overall appearance. Of course, getting rid of spots is a bigger ask, but you can mask their appearance by carefully working the entire body to achieve a smooth look.

Join the DIY Detailing Community

At Sensha, we believe that it is always worthwhile to take great care when you begin to polish your car. Those that go are too aggressive risk compromising the paintwork but those that take their time, apply a light touch and perhaps even test on an unseen surface prior to addressing the pressing defects will be best rewarded.

Achieve that wonderful car polish shine today by accessing the best products on the market here at Sensha. Our fantastic team is here to assist you should you require additional information and you can reach us via email, phone or by using the chat function on Facebook.

We look forward to sending incredible cleaning and polishing solutions to you soon and welcoming you into the DIY detailing community.

Sensha is Australia's leading supplier of the best car cleaning and detailing products online. We specialise in car glass coating, car window cleaners, car tire wax, home car detailing supplies, cheap car shampoo, car polish and shine, car wash sponges and microfiber cloths, car wheel cleaner, car ceramic coating, car tire shine, car compounds, car paint protection, car cleaning and detailing kits, car interior cleaner and car leather cleaner.

We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and everywhere in between.

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