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Glass Coating Line

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SENSHA Glass Coating forms the glass coating layer on your car and provides 8 features including the intense gloss which gets attentions wherever you drive and park your car.

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SENSHA | Crystal Glow 1-Year Coating

Body Coating

Crystal Glow

From $99.00
SENSHA | Wheel Crystal

Wheel/Tire Coating

Wheel Crystal

SENSHA | Bumper Crystal

Moulding/Bumper Coating

Bumper Crystal

SENSHA | Metal Plating Crystal

Moulding/Bumper Coating

Metal Plating Crystal


Coating Line

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Coating products are for protections, and provide and maintain the deep glossy shine to make the luxurious and expensive look to your car.

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SENSHA | Room Wax

Interior Coating

Room Wax

SENSHA | Window Crystal

Window Coating

Window Crystal

SENSHA | Oleaginous Tire Wax

Wheel/Tire Coating

Oleaginous Tire Wax

SENSHA | Leather Treatment

Interior Coating

Leather Treatment


Basic Wash Line

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Basic Wash products are formulated for a regular car washing and cleaning to remove general dirt, dusts and other cleaning problems.

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SENSHA | Body Clean

Body Basic Wash

Body Clean

SENSHA | Glass Clean

Window Basic Wash

Glass Clean

SENSHA | Wheel & Tire Clean

Wheel/Tire Basic Wash

Wheel & Tire Clean

SENSHA | Room Clean

Interior Basic Wash

Room Clean


Special Wash Line

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Special Wash products remove their targeted stubborn dirt and cleaning problems that cannot be washed or cleaned by Basic Wash products.

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SENSHA | Brake Dust Cut

Wheel/Tire Special Wash

Brake Dust Cut

SENSHA | Bugs Clean

Body Special Wash

Bugs Clean

SENSHA | Bugs Clean Refill

Body Special Wash

Bugs Clean Refill

SENSHA | Clay Bar for Wheel

Wheel/Tire Special Wash

Clay Bar for Wheel


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The Best Car Care Products Online

Keeping our cars in the very best possible condition is something most of us are very keen on doing. Of course, it makes sense from a practical and financial point of view to ensure that our cars remain functional for as long as possible, but there are also plenty of reasons for keeping on top of the appearance of our cars – and not all of them are related to our simple desire to impress our friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues.
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Why It’s Important to Take Good Car Care

As already touched upon, it goes without saying that many of us have one very simple reason for wanting to keep our cars looking their best: to impress those around us! 

Whether we like it or not, people will inevitably make subtle judgements about us based on seemingly superficial things such as our appearances, our homes, and indeed our vehicles.

Of course, it always helps to invest in a relatively attractive and prestigious car in the first place. But the make and model are by no means the most important factors when it comes to ensuring that any assumptions drawn about you based on your car are positive ones. 

By keeping your car looking well cared for, you can make sure that people will in turn think of you personally as an individual with clean and tidy personal habits – and will form generally positive opinions of you.

But there are also other, more practical reasons for keeping your car clean. Apart from the fact that cleaning your car yourself gives you a great opportunity to glance over the exterior for any loose headlights, lenses or mirrors, it also gives you the chance to lift the bonnet and briefly examine the engine compartment. 

Any loose wires or connections should certainly be discovered while the car is stationary and the engine is turned off, rather than when you’re driving it at high speeds on the freeway.

And of course, by regularly cleaning off the body of your car and applying wax or additional paintwork if necessary, you can help reduce the chance of rusting and other conditions which can have an extremely adverse effect on the long-term condition of the metalwork of your vehicle.

Quality Car Care Products

Many people falsely assume that quality car detailing must inevitably be performed by a professional with years of experience and access to highly expensive products and equipment. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 

There are plenty of high quality DIY car detailing products available on the market: the crucial thing is knowing where to look for them, and what characteristics to look out for from both retailers and the products they sell.

The best car care products do so much more than simply washing off general bits of dirt and debris: they allow customers to perform thorough car detailing from their own homes and serve as comprehensive car paint protection DIY products.

When you’re on the look out for the very best car care products, it’s a good idea to search specifically for a quality car coating product. Car coating has the potential to transform your DIY detailing procedure, turning it into a truly comprehensive practice and guaranteeing a professional-standard outcome.

Car coating not only serves as a highly effective means of protecting the body of your car from the elements, but also allows you to easily attain the very highest standards if sheen and an unrivalled glossy finish. In order to ensure you get  the top quality car coating product, it’s best to look out for glass coatings. 

Glass is widely considered to offer the very best protection, as well as the best aesthetic finish – making it the undisputed number one choice when it comes to car paint protection DIY products.

Get the Best Car Care Products from SENSHA


If you’re looking for the very best car wash, it stands to reason you’ll need to invest in the very best car cleaning products. And the very best car cleaning products available on the Australian market are to be found right here on the SENSHA website.


Founded in 1997, SENSHA has since been on a mission to completely transform the DIY car cleaning industry by making high quality, professional-standards of car detailing achievable at home. 


From our state of the art factory facilities in Japan, we utilise the very best and most highly advanced modern technologies and methods to create outstanding products which have earned us a solid reputation for excellence throughout more than 18 different countries across the globe.


From simple waxes and polishes to advanced 5-year crystal glow products and comprehensive car care kits, we can provide absolutely everything you need to achieve the best car wash possible, restoring your car to its former condition and keeping it that way for many years to come.


What Can The Very Best In Car Care Do For You?


It’s all too easy to say that by using expert car products you can make your vehicle look brilliant. However, there are other benefits to looking after your car with high-quality wash, glass coating or wax. It can deliver an unrivalled sense of pride every time you drive your car. There is nothing like the feeling of great satisfaction of driving an immaculate vehicle. The level of care and attention to detail inspires a sense of personal confidence that can have a lasting effect all day long. It is similar to the feeling of putting on a freshly pressed and laundered outfit. When you put it on, you can sense the quality on your skin. As heads start turn in your direction, and people pay you compliments on how well you look, it can be tough to keep from smiling from the subtle boost to your ego.


Confidence Is Key


Confidence is important and often overlooked in regular daily life. Studies conducted around job interview scenarios suggest that employers subconsciously respond more to a candidate’s self-assuredness rather than to their previous professional experience. Your vehicle is an extension of you. It is an expression of your personality, how you carry yourself and how you want to be viewed by other people. It is no wonder that certain people prefer to drive sports cars or muscle cars rather than more economical and environmentally friendly vehicles. They do so because it brings them increased joy and makes them feel good. It is, therefore, no great leap to view good motor care as good self-care. By keeping your car well protected and looking well, as well as running well, you are also taking care of yourself on an emotional level.


A Proud Car Owner Can Be A Safer Road User


Emily Dickinson once wrote “If you focus on getting the small things right, the bigger things take care of themselves. You can gain more control over your life by paying more attention to the little things”. Albeit, Dickinson was referring to personal growth, but her words still ring true in relation to car care when you consider the positive knock-on effects that can occur from taking pride in your car’s appearance. Investing time money and effort into your car’s appearance also increases your road awareness.


One American study reported that road users were more likely to exercise greater care while driving after they got their vehicle washed or waxed. This increased caution resulted from the drivers’ reluctance to risk damaging the work they just paid for and enjoyed, to say nothing about seriously damaging their car! Therefore, it could be argued that by taking pride in your car and by maintaining it well you can subconsciously make yourself a safer driver.


Restore Your Car’s Former Glory


If you find yourself looking at your car and forgetting how you once took great pride in it, then you should consider restoring it to its former glory. Specialist car care products from SENSHA will bring a smile to your face every time you spot your vehicle in the driveway. You can find our full range of bespoke products on our website. Order online today and enjoy greater confidence on the road and off! – the home of auto care products online


Since 1997, we at SENSHA have been researching, developing and manufacturing professional-grade car care products for use by both the public and the car trade.


Our range of car detailing equipment enables car owners to give their vehicles the careful cleaning and high gloss finish that is only usually achieved by professionals – at a price that cannot be beaten.


If you are a car owner in Australia, and you want to give your car a ‘fresh out of the showroom’ look, then you would usually need to book in a professional valet or detailer – but now, with the help of SENSHA, you can achieve the perfect, super glossy finish that you want for your vehicle.


Not only that, but our exclusive formulation Glass Coating is also invaluable protection against UV damage, scratches and is water and dirt repellent.


It is easy to get that perfect finish for your vehicle when you buy SENSHA products.


Save money, time and effort – the SENSHA way


No matter what vehicle you drive, as a car owner, you want the very best in care for it.


Whether that means regular services, car washes or even monthly detailing, a lot of the cost that comes with maintaining your vehicle is paying for the labour. Some people are happy to pay for expertise when it comes to car care, but what if there was a way to minimise the cost of detailing – without compromising on the finish?


Using our range of products, specifically developed for use on each car surface, you can quickly and easily attain that perfect finish, without paying for the labour of someone else.


Not only are our products professional quality, they are so simple to use thanks to our easy to follow, full colour, step by step instructions.


Beginning with Basic Wash, adding Special Wash, and finishing with Coating, the process means that ongoing maintenance and cleaning is so much easier and simpler.


Three steps to the best DIY detailing


Step One: Basic Wash


Choose the product for the specific area you are cleaning. Our car shampoo ‘Body Clean’ is specially formulated for use on all painted surfaces of your car, and the fine bubbles created will protect the car from any scratches or damage as you clean. We recommend using glass cleaner for windows, Wheel/Tire Wash for those areas, and our interior cleaning range for the inside.


Step Two: Special Wash


If you have areas that need special attention, for example scratch removal or bird dropping/dead bug removal, then choose one of our products made for that purpose. We have lots of options available to ensure that your car is perfectly clean


Step Three: Coating


Once you have completely cleaned your car, using our Coating range will not only give you the best wet-look gloss, it will also protect your vehicle from scratches and chemical or UV damage, as well as being water and dirt repellent – making it much easier to clean next time!


If you are ready to purchase the best products for car care online, then have a look at the full range by clicking the links above. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Support team, and don’t forget that not only do we offer free shipping on orders over $50, you can save money on future purchases by joining our Loyalty Scheme!

We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and everywhere in between.


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