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+Diy Car Detailing Kit And Wash Products

SENSHA is a Japanese word meaning ‘car coating and washing’. At SENSHA, we provide the best DIY car detailing, coating and wash sets which can be purchased online. Make sure your car is looking as great as it can with our quality products. Made in Japan, our products are of the highest quality and create amazing DIY results. 

Car maintenance is important and with SENSHA you can love your car more than ever before. With our car coating and washing products, your car will always be looking shiny and new. 

+Our online range of car wash and detailing products

As the car detailing and wash experts, we have a range of products available at SENSHA for you to purchase. We provide options for all parts of your car including the body, window, wheel/tire, moulding/bumper, engine room, and interior. Check out our Glass Coating as well as high-quality coating and try on your vehicle for great results. 

We also provide DIY car wash products so your car is always looking sparkling clean! We have the Basic Wash product range which are specially formulated for a regular car wash that will leave your car looking spotless. We also stock the Special Wash product range which includes part specific and problem specific products. These products are used to stubborn dirt and solve cleaning problems where a stronger wash product is needed.

+Our Point of Difference

SENSHA offers free shipping from $50 and offers 365 days for free returns. We are your one stop shop specialised in glass coating and total car care, and customers are able to get quality products direct from us, the manufacturer. Our mission at SENSHA is to captivate you with the real car beauty. Our S point system reward our loyal customers and you can sign up today to receive these benefits. 

+Contact us

For more information please call SENSHA on 1300 882 031 or if you have any queries email us at You can always also chat with us using your Facebook account, just click on the Facebook Messenger logo on the bottom right of the screen.