Crystal Glow
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Crystal Glow

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Crystal Glow is only available at 50ml bottle, this amount is more than enough for a big Sedan or SUV car



Crystal Glow - glass coating agent specially for paint surface

Product details

Attract you by the real car beauty

8 Features of Crystal Glow

Intense Deep Gloss

Get attentions

Above 9H Hardness

Scratch protection

Water Repellency

Satisfying look

Chemical Resistance

+ UV protection

Easy Car Wash

Antifouling effect

Long Durability

Selectable up to 8 years

Save up to $2,500

Easy to use DIY kit

Part Specific

Maximum quality

Curing Type Glass Coating

Crystal Glow is the curing type glass coating that the glass coating layer is established by the glass coating liquid being cured on paint surfaces when it makes a contact with the air.

Intense Deep Gloss

The glass coating layer formed by SENSHA Glass Coating provides the intense deep glossy looking like your car is wet. Its ultimately luxurious and expensive look gets attentions to your car wherever you drive and park your car and whenever day and night.

Above 9H Hardness

SENSHA Glass Coating layer marks above 9H hardness which is the same hardness as quartz glass. This extremely hard glass coating layer protects your car from scratches as scratches will be on the glass coating layer so that it works as “a sacrifice layer” on your car to preserve your car value.

Water Repellency

Water repellent effect of SENSHA Glass Coating allows water, rainwater or the like falling on the glass coating layer surface to form water droplets and slip off on the surface quickly. This is a very satisfying looking and your car stands out even when driving in rainy days.

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals such as acidic, neutral and alkaline car wash products can be used on SENSHA Glass Coating. They will not strip the layer. Plus, the glass coating layer works as a barrier against the sun (UV) to protect clear coat and paint layers from colour fading. Your car beauty is preserved.

Easy Car Wash

The smooth surface of SENSHA Glass Coating layer provides an antifouling effect that an adhesion of dirt, dusts, bird droppings and even dead bugs is weakened on the surface. Let's save efforts and times spent on car wash, but spend more time to enjoy driving your car.


Long Durability

The adhesion of SENSHA Glass Coating layer to car body and parts is extremely high, and deterioration occurs at extremely slow. Moreover, it is high hardness as well as chemical and UV resistant. Once you apply the glass coating to your car, you will have all the benefits for years to enjoy.

Whilst an average time car owners keep their cars is about 7 Years, there are indeed different needs of car coating on each car owner. This is why, you can select a coating duration of how long the glass coating layer stays on your car to enjoy the great features: 1, 3, 5 or 8 Years Durability.

Save up to $2,500

An application of SENSHA Glass Coating is simple. It is just; Wash, Apply and Wipe. No professional experiences and tools are needed. You save $500 - $2,500 by applying the glass coating by yourself, rather than asking a dealer or detailing shop to do the same job.

Step 1: Wash

Step 2: Apply

Step 3: Wipe

Part Specific

SENSHA has dedicated glass coating products for each car part: paint surface, wheel, moulding/bumper and metal plating parts. Each product was developed with the understanding of materials and part characteristics to maximize its quality and performance to boost your car Total Beauty.

SENSHA | Crystal Glow 1-Year Coating
Crystal Glow
Crystal Glow
Crystal Glow

Crystal Glow

SENSHA | Wheel Crystal

Wheel Crystal

SENSHA | Bumper Crystal

Bumper Crystal

SENSHA | Metal Plating Crystal

Metal Plating Crystal


50ml is more than adequate for a big size Sedan or SUV

One bottle of Crystal Glow (50ml) is more than adequate to coat a big size Sedan or SUV. The glass coating liquid is quite well spreading. The chart shows an average amount used by car size.

Trusted by car owners in more than 34 countries

SENSHA Glass Coating, Crystal Glow, is distributed in more than 34 countries such as:
・Countries where it is cold weather: Inner Mongolia and Tibet
・Countries where it is hot and humid throughout the year: Thailand and Malaysia
・Countries where their climates vary greatly in different locations and time throughout the year: Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China
・Countries where roads are very dusty: Africa, the Middle East and India

Glass Coating Maintenance

Wash your car regularly: Glass coating layer stays on paint surfaces physically for years you select, but it does not mean that "the best performance" of Crystal Glow is maintained for the years without a maintenance. What maintenance? Simple, wash your car regularly. SENSHA has a full rage of maintenance car washing and detailing products.

Basic Wash Products: For a regular car washing and cleaning to remove general dirt, dusts and other cleaning problems.

Special Wash Products: Remove their targeted stubborn dirt and cleaning problems that cannot be washed or cleaned by Basic Wash products.

Fine Crystal: The majority of customers is satisfied and happy with Crystal Glow. However, some car owners seek "even stronger gloss and water repellent effect" like no ending! If you are the one, use Fine Crystal. When you use Fine Crystal to the car coated with Crystal Glow, Fine Crystal establishes an additional glass coating layer on top of the glass coating layer of Crystal Glow. The gloss and water repellent effect are advanced even further that keep your car in the top condition all the time.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Crystal Glow (50ml)1
2. Coating Sponge
3. Coating Cloth2
4. Basic Cloth L-Size1

Full Colour Instruction Manual

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Get via email (+$0): We will send you the instruction manual (PDF file) to you via email after an order being placed

Attach printed manual (+$1.07): We will include the printed instruction in the set

Product Packaging

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Shrink wrap packaging (+$0): The package contents are wrapped by a protective plastic film and sealed

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How to use

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Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Gregory W. (Hornsby, Australia)
Very Easy Application

Decided to try this coating, usually using GTechniq products and though I can’t review it’s durability yet, the application was super easy and the gloss is very good, even on a white silver car. I didn’t like the applicator sponge however, because after prolonged use, the hand does get tired of trying to hold a small, narrow thing.

Scott A. (Mittagong, Australia)
Japanese coating

Easy to apply, yet awesome gloss

Robert D.

Great product easy to use and after seeing how it performs after years I’m very impressed

Christopher Y.

Excellent product. Very easy to use. Very clear instructions as to how to use. Long lasting shine and very easy to wash the car. I recommend this product to any one loves their car

edwin s.k.

The bottle of liquid is too small. My car is a Benz GLE, It barely cover the whole car, there is really nothing left to wipe off. I am not even sure if I have applied evenly as there is barely any liquid on the surface that I can discern. I am not sure about the cost of the liquid. I would have thought it is much better to supply more so that customer can apply liberally and wipe off the excess.

I would like to think the product is good, but the experience of applying something I cannot see is scary.