SENSHA 3 Product Lines

Coating, Basic Wash and Special Wash

SENSHA has everything for your car

SENSHA has everything for your car

Car care doesn’t mean you only wash your car, it requires coating as well. We are the only company that manufactures and provides both car coating and washing products at one-stop-shop. All the chemical products are manufactured in our factories in Japan and distributed by ourselves to maintain the product quality and reliability.

At SENSHA, there are 3 product lines:
・Basic Wash
・Special Wash

and each product is "Part Specific" so that each car part has the dedicated products to be used. By doing this way, we maximize the performance and quality of the products and cover 100% of all the car coating and washing needs.

3 Product Lines


Coating products are for protections, and provide and maintain the deep glossy shine to make the luxurious and expensive look to your car.

Basic Wash

Basic Wash products are formulated for a regular car washing and cleaning to remove general dirt, dusts and other cleaning problems.

Special Wash

Special Wash products remove their targeted stubborn dirt and cleaning problems that cannot be washed or cleaned by Basic Wash products.

Part Specific Products

SENSHA car washing and coating products provide the best quality and reliability because all our products are “part specific”.

Since a car is a construction of multiple parts made of different materials, one product cannot be used for these different car parts unless sacrificing qualities. For instance, a coating product that can be used for multiple car parts does sound useful. However this kind of products works just okay but not the best.

We fully understand characteristics of each car part so that our washing and coating products are made for a part specific use to provide the best quality and reliability.

  • Body

  • Window

  • Wheel and Tire

  • Moulding and Bumper

  • Engine Room

  • Interior

Complete Set

All SENSHA products come as a complete set, with all the tools needed and full colour pictured instruction manual for application. Nothing to prepare more.