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Interior Stain Cleaner

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Product Type: Interior Special Wash
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Interior Stain Cleaner - stain removal agent specially for interior

Product details

Powerful stain remover for fabrics and carpets

Features of Interior Stain Cleaner

Strong Stain Removal

For fabric materials

Safe Application

Minimized discoloration

pH Slightly Acidic

Alternative of alkaline

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Strong Stain Removal

Interior Stain Cleaner decomposes stains and dirt and lifts them from fabric for removal. This can be used on fabric materials such as floor mats, carpets, seats and ceilings.

Safe Application

The product is formulated to minimize damage and colour bleaching of materials, while retaining stain removal capability so that application is safe and effective.

pH Slightly Acidic

Some dirt can be easily removed with the alkaline agent Room Clean, but some cannot. For these stains and dirt, use Interior Stain Cleaner.

What in the set

Package Contents

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1. Interior Stain Cleaner1

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How to use

Instruction Movie

Coming soon. Its application is similar to Room Clean.

Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

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Callum F.

my daughter spilled orange juice in my new tesla lol but this saved me!

Nicolas M.

Had a good shopping, stains on seats have totally gone.