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Engine Clean

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Product Type: Engine Room Special Wash
Product volume: 60ml
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Engine Clean - cleaner specially for engine compartment

Product details

Improve cleanliness under the engine hood/bonnet

Features of Engine Clean

Dedicated Cleaner

For engine bay

Powerful Cleaning

With special solvent

pH Alkaline

Dissolve dirt and stain

Easy Car Wash

Spend less time

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Dedicated Cleaner

Engine Clean is a special-purpose agent developed to remove dirt in engine compartments. Compared to washing a car body with car shampoo, dirt in engine compartments is tougher and thus requires a special product for cleaning.

Powerful Cleaning

Engine Clean contains a special and newly-developed water-soluble agent. This powerfully removes dirt in an engine compartment.

pH Alkaline

Engine Clean contains alkaline ingredients which penetrate into dirt and stains, breaking them down and stripping them off. Hence, dirt and stains are removed easily.

Grease and oil stains stubbornly attached to surfaces can be removed completely by gently rubbing and washing with the included sponge or a brush.

Easy Car Wash

Simply apply Engine Clean to an engine compartment of your car and rub with the included sponge or a brush. There is no need to rub surfaces hard to remove dirt.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Engine Clean1
2. Utility Sponge half2

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Product Packaging

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How to use

Instruction Movie

Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard T.

Easy and efficient wash on enginehood

Stuart K.

I bought engine room cleaner for the first time and this cleaner is strong enough to remove stubborn hard dirt. I used a toothbrush for narrow spaces and I was right! Recommended :)

Steven M.

Powerful enough to clean up.