Glass Coating Trial
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Glass Coating Trial

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Fine Crystal - glass-based coating agent specially for car body

Product details

The simplest way to make your car shine

Features of Fine Crystal

Easy to Use

Spray type

Maintenance Coating

Additional layer

Deep Gloss

Get attentions

Water Repellency

Satisfying look

Chemical Resistance

+ UV protection

Easy Car Wash

Antifouling effect


Up to 2 months

Try SENSHA Glass Coating

Fine Crystal Trial Set is a great starting point to love our quality car coating and washing products.

It is just $5 with Free Shipping Australia Wide.

・Only 1 set for each customer, cannot be purchased repeatedly
・Free Shipping is applied to customers in Australia only. For delivery to other countries, please refer here

Adhesion Type Glass Coating

Fine Crystal is adhesion type glass coating that establishes the glass coating layer by the glass coating liquid strongly adhering to car parts.

The adhesion type glass coating contains as much as the similar ingredients of the curing type glass coating, and is even simpler to use.

Easy to Use

Fine Crystal forms the glass coating layer by spraying it on your car during car wash. You obtain all the features of Fine Crystal by this simple application.

Maintenance Coating

When you use Fine Crystal to the car coated with the curing type glass coating product, Fine Crystal establishes an additional glass coating layer on top of the glass coating layer of the curing type glass coating.

Deep Gloss

The glass coating layer formed by Fine Crystal provides the deep glossy looking like your car is wet. Its luxurious and expensive look gets attentions to your car wherever you drive and park your car and whenever day and night.


Water Repellency

Water repellent effect of Fine Crystal allows water, rainwater or the like falling on the glass coating layer surface to form water droplets and slip off on the surface quickly. This is a very satisfying looking and your car stands out even when driving in rainy days.

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals such as acidic, neutral and alkaline car wash products can be used on SENSHA Glass Coating. They will not strip the layer. Plus, the glass coating layer works as a barrier against the sun (UV) to protect clear coat and paint layers from colour fading. Your car beauty is preserved.

Easy Car Wash

The smooth surface of SENSHA Glass Coating layer provides an antifouling effect that an adhesion of dirt, dusts, bird droppings and even dead bugs is weakened on the surface. Let's save efforts and times spent on car wash, but spend more time to enjoy driving your car.


The adhesion of Glass Coating layer by Fine Crystal to car body and parts is extremely high. Once you apply the glass coating to your car, it stays up to 2 months on your car. Apply it when you you wash your car to maintain the glass coating layer.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Fine Crystal (50ml)1
2. Body Clean (50ml)1
3. Utility Sponge Half1

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