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Glass Coating Series

SENSHA | Window Crystal
SENSHA | Window Crystal

Window Coating


Window Crystal


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Water repellent coating agent specially for window

  • Increase the visibility while driving in the rain
  • Prevent oily films and scaly stains on windows
  • Long durability of 6 Months, and no oxidization or deterioration
  • Simple application as apply and wipe
  • For 15 windshields

Water repellent coating agent specially for window


SENSHA Window Crystal


Features and benefits

Professional water repellent coating for windows.


SENSHA Window Crystal


Window Crystal is used by professionals to provide a water repellent effect for windows. Low visibility while driving in the rain is quite dangerous and may result in a serious accident. Therefore, a water repellent coating is recommended for windows.


This is a professional-grade product, but no professional skills are required. A detailed instruction guide with pictures is included, so anyone can use the product to achieve a professional quality finish simply by following the instructions.


Also, one bottle of Window Crystal can coat 15 windshields!


If you haven't been satisfied with other products for window coating, Window Crystal will definitely deliver a difference exceeding your expectations.




Why is a fluorine-based coating agent good?

Window Crystal is fluorine based and does not oxidize or deteriorate.


SENSHA Window Crystal


The great majority of window coating products sold in the market are silicon based, and these products inevitably oxidize. An oxidized, deteriorated glass coating remains in place like an oil film. A coating in this condition does not have any water repellent effect and is actually the cause of low visibility. Plus, re-application of the silicon-based coating onto glass will leave scaly ring-shaped stains.


Therefore, using a silicon-based window coating product may make window conditions worse than before application.


Window Crystal is superior to other window coating products because its pure fluorine-based coating agent does not oxidize or deteriorate.




Amazing durability!

Water repellency lasts more than 6 months, even when a car is parked outdoors!


SENSHA Window Crystal


Because of the fluorine composition, water repellency should last more than 6 months for cars parked outdoors and more than 12 months for cars parked inside.


It's fun to see raindrops being repelled as you drive in the rain. Window Crystal makes your driving more enjoyable.



  • If you have previously used other window coating products, please use Oily Film Clean to remove any oil film on the glass before applying Window Crystal


SENSHA Window Crystal


SENSHA Window Crystal


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Car Window Coating & Cleaner

A dirty windscreen doesn’t just look unsightly, it has an adverse effect on your ability to drive safely. It reduces your ability to see clearly, particularly at night and in wet conditions, and so you need to take action to reduce the risk of an accident.

Why Car Window Coating is the Best Course of Action

Although a vehicle windscreen appears to be hard and shiny glass, the surface of it is covered in microscopic holes. These holes attract dirt and grease that stick to the surface and make the glass difficult to see through.

A conventional solution is to use your windscreen wipers with a spray of water and cleaning solution from the washer bottles. In dusty or windy conditions, that only has a very short effect because grime quickly reappears.

Normal washing of the windscreen, either by hand or using a carwash, is also only a temporary solution. Although the appearance will be improved, dirt will soon reappear and the problem will be on-going.

The continual coating of the windscreen with dirt is partly due to the nature of the windscreen, in that the microscopic holes will continue to attract dirt. That can seriously increase the dangers of driving by making it more difficult to see clearly. To avoid this situation, use a specialist car window cleaning product.

Use Crystal — the Best Car Window Cleaner on the Market

Some window coating products are short-lived, largely ineffective and can lock in dirt on windscreens so the problem is made worse. Crystal cleaner for car windows, however, is a natural product that provides dependable protection against dirt, grease and liquids. It applies a glazed coating to clean glass surfaces and masks the microscopic holes that attract dirt.

The coating will typically last 6 to 12 months, depending on whether your vehicle is stored outdoors or under cover, before needing to be re-applied. During that period, glass will remain much cleaner, visibility will be improved dramatically and cleaning of the windows will be much easier.

Rain on untreated glass tends to form into small droplets that stick to the surface and need to be cleared from the windscreen by regular use of the wipers. 

The Best Window Coating Products Available Online

After treatment with a car window coating, rain combines into larger drops that are dispersed by natural airflow over the moving vehicle, taking any dirt with them. The result is that wipers are used less frequently and visibility is much improved with no streaking.

Cleaner and drier windscreens mean increased visibility, particularly at night and during wet weather, less glare from approaching headlights and improved driving safety overall. Seeing things better reduces response times and stopping distances in emergencies, so you’re a better driver due to using an effective car window cleaner.

More Than Just Car Window Cleaning & Coating Products at Sensha

No driver is ever truly only responsible for themselves when on the road. We all drive with a view to getting to where we need to go safely and with care and consideration taken for everyone else with whom we share the road. You can have the best car in the world, but if visibility is impaired, then it will make little difference to the comfort and stress levels you experience while driving.

Car Window Coating Solutions for Exceptional Visibility

Investing in a car window coating solution that delivers exceptional visibility for anywhere between six and twelve months is one sure-fire way to keep your car windows clean, clear and resistant to the daily weather challenges you face.

Here at Sensha, we have developed Window Crystal, our car window cleaner, over many years. The process involved considerable research, development and testing to ensure that our customers can access the most innovative and dependable solution to keeping their car windows clear.

How Dirt Can Affect Your Ability to See on the Road

A dedication to quality and reliability sets apart our product offerings from all others and affords our many customers across the globe the chance to take matters into their own hands where safety and visibility on the road are concerned.

Unless you have access to the best car window cleaner on the market, you always risk the possibility of your windows becoming greasy, stained and gradually less and less effective in terms of allowing you maximum visibility of the road, both before and behind you.

At Sensha, we believe that it is imperative for drivers to take measures in order to improve and maintain the cleanliness of their car windows. The presence of dirt can have a detrimental effect on how you interpret the terrain before you. Light rays are scattered when dirt is present, and this can have a magnifying effect that makes glare a serious problem.

Furthermore, having an effective cleaner for car windows ensures that you are afforded the luxury of driving at night and not having to squint in the face of oncoming car headlights. Windscreens that are covered in debris, or bear strains or marks, once again enhance the glare that comes from other cars, as well as the effect of streetlights. What’s more, in challenging conditions, such as fog, your ability to safely navigate the road ahead could be compromised.

A Better and Safer Driving Future

Here at Sensha, our commitment to making it possible for regular motorists just like you to achieve the same, or better, car detailing results as you would expect from a professional garage is endless. We have developed Window Crystal in the same way as all of our other products, that is, to ensure that you can achieve professional quality with ease of use.

Investing in a tried, tested and trusted car window cleaning product is the easy way to take control of your safety and ensure that while you travel, your visibility will not be impeded as a result of sloppy chemicals, or as a result of the elements.

Should you wish to inquire more about any of the products here on our site, feel free to get in touch via phone, e-mail or by using the live chat feature on your Facebook page. Rest assured that here at Sensha we will do our utmost to help you find the best products and solutions for a better and safer driving future.

Sensha is Australia's leading supplier of the best car cleaning and detailing products online. We specialise in car glass coating, car window cleaners, car tire wax, home car detailing supplies, cheap car shampoo, car polish and shine, car wash sponges and microfiber cloths, car wheel cleaner, car ceramic coating, car tire shine, car compounds, car paint protection, car cleaning and detailing kits, car interior cleaner and car leather cleaner.

We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and everywhere in between.

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Product Details


Product Name Window Crystal
Intended Use Water repellent coating agent specially for window
Volume 50ml
Number of Usage For 15 windshields
pH Acidic
Manufacturer SENSHA
Country of Manufacturing Japan
Contents in the Box
  • 1 x Window Crystal 50ml
  • 2 x Felt Sponge
  • 1 x Basic Cloth Small
  • Full-Colour Picture Instruction Manual

How to Use


Instruction Movie





Extracted from the attached full-colour picture instruction manual:

SENSHA Window Crystal

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Steven T.
New South Wales

Clear As...

fantastic product, easy "as" to use highly recommended

Steven S.

Good and funny applicarion

It is funny to use tissues during its work but this item works perfect.


Check this out

9 year old windscreen looking like it just left the showroom.

Ben verified customer review of Window Crystal
Ming S.

work as promised and great

I was so curious this window coating as never tried any car care items on windows and I thought it could be wasting. I was wrong as it actually creates great water proof protection and it is fun to see waters blew away in a rainy day and even when I wash my car. great product to use

Michael M.
New South Wales

Extremely storong

I used to use one from Supercheapauto but ran out it so that I tried this. This water proof coating is far more strong than the one from Supercheapauto, rains start flowing after 40kmh and they are completely slipped after 60kmh. Recom' to use all of glasses.

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