Which parts to start car washing?


Which parts to start car washing?


We sometimes get this question from our customers.


"Which parts to start car washing?"


It might be difficult to get an answer when you re-think this.

Strictly speaking, we must be agile to modify car washing procedures based upon seasons, a size of a car, conditions etc.


However, "the basic car washing procedure" remains the same, and we will introduce this in this article.



Basically, from top to bottom


Don't you start washing from wheels or sides of a body because dirt and stains of those parts are very noticeable?


To wash your car effectively, basically you must begin to wash from the top such as roof and bonnet and move to the bottom in order to wash away dirt and sand.


The reason for this is very simple.

Water flows from top to bottom so that even though you wash parts at bottom first, they will get dirty again due to dirt washed away from parts at top.


As a result, you have to wash parts at bottom twice hence the basic is to start washing from top to bottom.



Body? Wheels? Interior? Which order to complete each section?


The basic is:


Step 1. Body

Step 2. Wheels

Step 3. Interior


Start washing from top parts of a body to bottom parts and move to wheel wash.

During washing, any remaining moisture on the body must be wiped off, and in this flow, also wiping any remaining moisture on edges of doors.


After this, it is natural to move interior cleaning.



The correct car washing procedure makes your car clean and shiny effectively


It is great if car wash requires less time with a superior quality finishing.


When you apply this basic car washing procedure, you will need less time for your car washing and you will also have a superior finishing.


Try this!




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