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Brake Dust Cut

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Product Type: Wheel/Tire Special Wash
Product volume: 125ml
Product packaging: Simple shrink wrap
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Brake Duct Cut - brake dust removal agent specially for wheel

Product details

Powerfully remove stubborn brake dust

Features of Brake Dust Cut

Brake Dust Removal

Even dried & hardened

pH Acidic

Powerful cleaning

Dissolve Dirt

No Scratch

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Brake Dust Removal

The black dots stuck on your wheels are called brake dust (iron powder), and is the main cause that your wheels look dirty. Brake Dust Cut is specially formulated to remove brake dust.

pH Acidic

Brake Dust Cut is acidic to powerfully dissolve and remove brake dusts on wheels.

Dissolve Dirt

With the dissolving power of brake Dust Cut, you do not require rubbing hard so that it avoids causing scratches when cleaning.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Brake Dust Cut1
2. Utility Sponge Half2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sam R.

I found this product when I was looking for a special cleaner because the brake dust of the aluminum auction wheels that was stuck, so I found this product. I could easily remove the brake dust without putting in. I was quite surprised. I will buy this product again next time.

Aaron W.

I used this cleaner for M5 rims. I can see all dirts were melting and it really clean rims well. Try wheel coating soon. Ta

Pablo B.

It is called trusted product. It is so strong seriously.

Eric N.

Works as promised working great to remove dusts on wheels. Thanks

Nicol R.

Used this item for 10 year old audi. Genuine wheels had so much brakedusts and water marks. I used normal shampoo got from kmart and washed but no luck.
I was with a bit hope that at least the situation gets better... but a combination of this brakedusts cleaner with a soft sponge is so strong to clean these dirt away, wheels looks much better.