Window Crystal
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Window Crystal

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Window Crystal - water repellent agent specially for window

Product details

Safe drive in a rainy day

Features of Window Crystal

Water Repellency

Safe driving

Fluorine Based

No greasy oily film

Long Durability

Up to 12 months

Water Repellency

Window Crystal provides the water repellent effect for windows.

Driving in a rainy day with a low visibility is quite dangerous and may result in a serious accident. The water repellent coating is a must for car windows.


Fluorine Based

Window Crystal is superior to other window coating products as it is the pure fluorine-based coating agent that does not oxidize or deteriorate. There will be no greasy oily films on window glasses.

The great majority of window coating products sold in the market are silicon-based. A coating layer of these products is inevitably oxidized and deteriorated to become greasy oily films on windows to reduce a visibility.

Long Durability

Because of the fluorine composition, water repellency by Window Crystal should last more than 6 months for cars parked outdoors or more than 12 months for cars parked inside.

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1. Window Crystal1
2. Felt Sponge for Coating2
3. Coating Cloth1

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