Tire Wax and Tire Coating


Do you know tire wax has a variety?

When your car is crystal clean after washing, you will feel you want to make tires shiny as well. Then, you use tire wax.

Actually tire wax can be classified into two categories:

  • Glossiness focus -> tire wax
  • Antifouling effect and aging degradation reduction -> tire coating





Different level of glossiness of tire wax

There are many tire wax sold however each item has a different degree of glossiness.

Let us introduce three types of tire wax here:


Aqueous tire wax

Non sticky and easy coating. It brings tires' natural shine. This is recommended if  you do not want to have too much luster on tires.

Aqueous tire wax Click here for details!






Oleaginous tire wax

Contains alcohol. After an application, the alcohol ingredient volatilizes quickly so the coating agent is hardly scattering. The effective ingredient provides long lasting water repellency.

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Oleaginous professional tire wax

Creates extreme luster on tires and is suitable for demo cars in car show rooms and motor shows. As it makes the hard film on tire surfaces, its durability is significant.

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Tire coating

When an aim is to protect tires, we have to engage the tire coating agent rather than tire wax. The tire coating agent contains the ultra-high-density special silicon resin as the main component hence it endures harsh environments around tires.


  • Long lasting high glossiness
  • Tire cleaning will be easy due to antifouling effect
  • Tire surfaces hardly crack by aging degradation reduction effect

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It is fun to try both tire wax and tire coating. They will definitely make your car more attractive.