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Oily Film Clean

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Oily Film Clean - oily film (glare) removal agent specially for window

Product details

Create crystal clear transparent window glasses

Features of Oily Film Clean

Remove Oil Films

Improve transparency

For Window Film Prep

Remove repellent coat

Superior Cleaning

Contain 13 components

Easy to Apply

For all glasses

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Remove Oil Films

Oily Film Clean is a glass cleaner specifically formulated to remove oil films (glare).

When glasses are greasy, there are oil films and waters are not flowing smoothly like there are water-bleeding and flat waterdrops remained.

After old coatings and oil stains are removed by Oily Film Clean, glasses have the hydrophobic effect that water is flowing smoothly on the glass surfaces.

For Window Film Prep

Originally the product was designed to remove a water repellent coating on car glasses for window tinting (window films), but it also performs the superior quality in removing oily films on glasses.

When Oily Film Clean is applied to the outside of windows, it can easily remove oily films. This is because the water repellent coating that glass manufacturers apply to the inside of windows is harder to remove than oily films. Hence, Oily Film Clean can easily remove oily films.

Superior Cleaning

Oily Film Clean contains 13 different cleaners and compounds to deliver the powerful removal capability.

Most oil film removers on the market are almost as the same as alcohol-based glass cleaners or polishing compounds for car body. Products like these cannot remove glare on glasses used on your car.

Easy to Apply

Oily Film Clean is easily applied to not only front and back glasses but also side window glasses as well as side mirrors, as it is the paste type product so that it does not drip easily.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Oily Film Clean1
2. Felt Sponge for Polishing
3. Basic Cloth S-Size1

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How to use

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Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

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Mark S.

The combination of compounds and blue sponge is perfect, easy to use.

Sanghoon W.

Fast delivery, a bit pricy but it does the job, satisfied!

Brian R.

I have bought this for preparation for window coating. Two works absolutely amazing together.

Andrew C.

Tried many these kind of things bought from car shops and ebay but this works what I need. My car is sedan type but 1 bottle is more than enough to clean front glass and the other glasses. I will try other items from you guys too.

David L.

It is easy to use but it was a bit hard job but the front glass is ridiculously clean now!