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Wheel & Tire Clean

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Product Type: Wheel/Tire Basic Wash
Product volume: 125ml
Product packaging: Simple shrink wrap
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Wheel and Tire Clean - shampoo specially for wheel and tire

Product details

Boost your ca beauty from the bottom

Features of Wheel and Tire Clean

pH Alkaline

Strip off dirt

Wheel Cleaning

Remove stubborn dirt

Tire Cleaning

Remove stubborn dirt

Easy to Use

Spray type

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pH Alkaline

Wheel and Tire Clean contains penetrating alkaline ingredients in addition to the ingredients needed for cleaning wheels, so dirt is stripped off and removed.

Wheel Cleaning

You can easily clean and remove dirt on wheels accumulated by daily driving. You do not require rubbing hard to remove stubborn dirt.

Tire Cleaning

Use Wheel and Tire Clean for tires to remove stubborn dirt as well as a preparation to apply tire wax.

Easy to Use

It is a simple spray type product that you can use during your car wash. Thanks to its strong cleaning power, spray Wheel and Tire Clean on wheel and tire surfaces and clean up with a sponge or brush lightly.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Wheel and Tire Clean1
2. Utility Sponge Half

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How to use

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Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ray T.
Wheel and Tyre clean

Worked well easy to use cleaned my rims and tyres well

Jack L.

I wasnt sure about this company items but their care care goods are pretty good

Sean ..


Puit S.

As soon as I spray it to tires, I can see dirt is getting removed. I still have to scrab wheels hard but it does remove dirt. Definitely different from normal shampoo

Noe T.

It works perfect but I shipping was late