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Wax Off

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Product Type: Body Special Wash
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Wax Off - wax and oil components removal agent

Product details

Coating preparation to advance coating outcomes

Features of Wax Off

Wax & Oil Removal

For coating preparation

For Entire Exterior

Body, wheel and more+

No Staining

Safe application

Easy Application

Simply wipe surfaces

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Wax & Oil Removal

Wax Off is to remove wax and oil components including automobile exhaust on car surfaces, and is recommended before coating.

When applying coatings to your car, wax and other oily components required to be cleaned. If coating is done on a surface with wax and oil, the coating will not be able to fully exhibit its performance, and there may be coating unevenness.

For Entire Exterior

Wax Off can be used on the entire car exterior; body, wheel, window, bumper moulding and metal plating parts.

No Staining

Wax Off is a powerful degreasing agent and does not cause staining on applied surfaces.

Degreasing agents used in professional shops were hard to use properly. A certain level of professionalism and experience were required to avoid staining. Wax Off does not compromise the quality of degreasing agents used in professional shops, and anyone can easily use it to obtain the same level of finishing without causing stains on surfaces.

Easy Application

To apply, simply allow the liquid to soak into the attached cloth and gently wipe surfaces with it.

 Anyone can easily remove wax and oil components before coating.

What in the set

Package Contents

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1. Wax Off1
2. Basic Cloth S-Size1

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How to use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ramesh K.

very recommended to get rid of wax.

Eric N.

I bought this for preparations for crystal coating application. I used it on body and also wheels and it was easy to do as put liquid to attached cloth.
This was my first time to use sensha and I will try others as well.

Wendy C.

Easy to use and quickly and effectively removes all wax residues prior to glass coating. Well recommended.

Wendy C.

Easy to use and great to remove any traces of wax or impurities on the car prior to glass coating.

Tony W.

I have heard that removing wax is important to make a quality coating from my detailing shop staff. Yes It is! I think it helped glass coating to be more shiny.
Bit expensive so 4 star (hope its amount is double)