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Product Type: Body Special Wash
Product volume: 60ml
Product packaging: Simple shrink wrap
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Scale Clean - water scale removal agent specially for paint surface

Product details

SENSHA selects the best match product for your car

Features of Scale Clean

Best Match Product

SENSHA selects for you

Alkaline Agent

Strip off stubborn dirt

Micro Polishing Agent

Rub off dirt safely

Non Wax-Based

No unevenness

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Best Match Product

After you place an order for Scale Clean, we will send an email to collect your car details to select the best match Scale Clean for your car and needs:

1) Manufacturer
2) Model
3) Year of manufacture
4) Body colour
5) Things and areas that especially you would like to improve

The majority of water stain removers sold in shops are designed for a wide range of cars and colours, meaning these products are good but not the best. Car paint varies depending on factors such as manufacturer, type, year and colour. It is critical to use the water stain remover suitable to your car in order to improve your car's condition and ensure safety.

Alkaline Agent

The product contain an alkaline agent that penetrates into water scales and strips dirt off from paint surfaces.

Micro Polishing Agent

Micro polishing compounds in Scale Clean are extremely gentle and fine. They rub off contaminations stripped off by the alkaline agent. Scale Clean can also be used on new cars and coated cars.

Non Wax-Based

Scale Clean leaves no cleaning unevenness or contamination on the applied areas.

Common water stain removers are wax based, meaning they contain coarse particles of compounds in a liquid wax. When these products are used, it is quite hard to remove water stains evenly. There is residual unevenness and contamination due to wax remaining on the applied areas.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Scale Clean1
2. Utility Sponge2

Full Colour Instruction Manual

You will receive the full colour instruction manual (PDF file) in your email after an order being placed.

Product Packaging

Select options from the followings:

Simple shrink wrap: The package contents are shrink-wrapped and sealed. This is the best option when you use the product for yourself

White packaging box (+$2.10): The package contents are put in a white packaging box. This is a great option for a gift as well as displaying the product

How to use

Instruction Movie

Full Colour Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michael K.

Included sponge is a bit soft but still product itself is easy to use. liquid dries quickly needing that you have to wash water marks quick. Recommend to use this panel by panel

Adam A.

Did an absolute amazing job , everything done to perfection , would highly recommend!!

Nathan Y.

Street parking so can't avoid rain dirt. This item is strong and it seems float dirt. Perfect item

Justin S.

thanks guys

Atul D.

I really thought this bottle was too small for my car but it sure worked good and actually this bottle is enough for my Q7. Attached sponge was also easy to use making work easy.