Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal

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Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal

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For the glasses with water repellent coating



Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal is specifically for window glasses with the water repellent coating. The product was developed based on our customer requests. Many of our customers asked us what types of window washing liquid they should use after coating windows.


It is totally true that everyone wants to retain the water repellent coating they have applied as long as possible. Therefore, we have developed the window washer liquid that can be used for the glasses with the water repellent coating.



Does not affect and damage the water repellent coating surface



We had the one question from many of our customers using Window Crystal;


“Do you have a special window washer liquid for Window Crystal?”


As the quality coating product manufacturer, we had to develop this. Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal has been tested significant times to make sure it will not damage the water-repellent coating of Crystal Glow.


The product is recommended not only for Window Crystal, but also other window glasses with water repellent coatings applied.

Product Name: Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal
Intended Use: Washer liquid specially for Window Crystal
Volume: Various sizes
pH: Neutral
Manufacturer: SENSHA
Country of Manufacturer: Japan
Contents in the box:
  • 1 x Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal various sizes

1 (Exclusive Washer) : 5 (Water) => endure until minus 5 degrees
1 (Exclusive Washer) : 3 (Water) => endure until minus 15 degrees

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Tsz Kit Leung

Easy glass cleaning

Easy glass cleaning. Marks free glass.

Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal