SENSHA | Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal

Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal

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Product Type: Window Special Wash
Product volume: 400ml
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Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal - dedicated washer liquid specially for Window Crystal

Product details

Dedicated washer liquid that does not damage window coating

Features of Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal

Special Washer Liquid

For Window Crystal

Extend Coating Life

Keep water repellency

Effective Cleaning

With wiper blades

Concentrated Liquid

Diluted by x5 (2,000ml)

All Season Use

Till -15 degrees

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Special Washer Liquid

Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal is washer liquid specifically formulated for car window glasses that are coated with the water repellent agent, Window Crystal.

This dedicated washer liquid does not cause damages on the water repellent coating layer of Window Crystal.

Extend Coating Life

By using the compatible washer liquid rather than random washer liquid, the water repellent effect by Window Crystal will last longer.

Effective Cleaning

Glass cleaning components in Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal does not form any unnecessary bubbles and provides an effective glass cleaning with wiper blades.

It also contains an alcohol component to dry quickly. so that your driving is not disturbed.

Concentrated Liquid

The package size is 400ml and diluted to 5 times by water (add 1,600ml) to create 2,000ml of washer liquid for your car.

All Season Use

Based upon dilution ratio, the dedicated washer liquid can be used in a cold weather:

・1 (Exclusive Washer) : 5 (Water) → antifreezing until -5 ℃
・1 (Exclusive Washer) : 3 (Water) → antifreezing until -15 ℃

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal1

How to use

Instruction Steps

Instruction steps are printed on the label attached to the product packaging.

1. Open a cap for washer tank fluid reservoir on your car
2. Put Exclusive Washer for Window Crystal into the tank
3. Dilute 3 to 5 times by injecting water into the tank to meet your car usage environment*
4. Fasten down the cap completely

*: For use of up to -5 ℃, dilute 5 times with water. For use of up to -15 ℃. dilute 3 times with water


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Tsz L.

Easy glass cleaning. Marks free glass.