Rubbing Strips Clean
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Rubbing Strips Clean

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60ml - for around 5 cars
125ml - for around 10 cars



Rubbing Strips Clean - cleaner specially for bumper moulding (unpainted plastic parts)

Product details

Scrape out dirt and wax clogged onto unpainted plastic surfaces

Features of Rubbing Strips Clean

Dedicated Cleaner

For bumper moulding

With Special Tool

Clean Brush

pH Neutral

No damages nor stains

Dedicated Cleaner

Rubbing Strips Clean is a special-purpose agent developed to remove dirt and oily components such as wax clogged into rough and unpainted plastic surfaces of bumper, moulding, grill and wiper cowl top.

Whilst these dirt and wax are hardly removed by a normal car shampoo, Rubbing Strips Clean scrapes out and remove them powerfully.

For polishing transparent plastic parts that are used on cars such as headlights, tail lights and door/window visors, use Plastic Polish.


With Special Tool

SENSHA developed the special purpose tool for leather cleaning, Clean Brush. This special purpose ultra-fine fiber sponge is used with the agent to effectively scrape out dirt and oily components from rough and unpainted plastic surfaces.

pH Neutral

Rubbing Strips Clean is a dedicated pH neutral product so that it does not damage nor cause stains and discoloration on unpainted plastic materials.

Its application is simple, just pour the liquid onto the included special sponge and rub off surfaces.

What in the set

Package Contents

Product NameQuantity
1. Rubbing Strips Clean1
2. Clean Brush

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tony W.

Worked on Mini 2016. You can see that my Mini had like that peeling problem and simply coating wax on it did not work. I cleaned it with sensha moulding cleaner then did glass coating on it. Worked!!! I have plenty left so I will give a shot with my Mecs as well. Amazing product.

Naomasa K.

Great to have this famous Japanese brand in Australia!
I could not tell how these moulding parts were dirty by looking but they got solid black looks after using this cleaner. I should try moulding crystal to make them even deep black gloss look.

Mike S.

Side moulding got white wax stains and they could not clean with car shampoo. SENSHA cleaner works great.

Xiao M.

Whitening not occurring anymore. Great item

Joshua M.

I was so struggle to clean wax marks on molding but this cleaner cleaned them greatly. The attached sponge looks very special. I will try molding glass coating to keep this.