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Cause of the glare front glass?


Glare front glass

Driving in the night needs extra cares. A low visibility due to the glare glass is a fatal cause of car accidents. For safety, a regular window maintenance is critical.









Cause of the glare glass -> "Oily films"


The main reason, which a front glass is glare due to head lights of oncoming cars and street lights while driving in the night time, is oily films attached to the glass.


You might think why glasses get oily films.


When you drive a car, your car is exposed to exhaust all the time, and also is splashed with water on a road while driving in a rainy day. Both exhaust and water on a road contain oil contents.


Thus, body and glass surfaces get oily films when driving. Especially, because a glass is transparent, those oily films are visible and noticeable and result in a low visibility.



Remove oily films causing the glare glass


Most of oily film cleaner sold are alcohol-base or use compounds which are the same as for body. Those products are of course unable to remove stubbornly attached oily films completely.


Glasses for cars are made of specific materials. You have to utilize the dedicated oily film remover specially for car glasses in order to resolve the issue completely.


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