Process of window care


The must item before driving! Window care for sudden rains


Have you ever experienced the below when you were driving in the night or a rainy day:


"Scary! I cannot see anything because the front glass is too glare!"


Driving in a rainy day is not nice because of low visibility. For safety, it is crucial to secure a good visibility.


In this article, we introduce window care techniques which lead to safe driving so that you will not panic by sudden rains.

Window care can be divided into two categories:


  • Surface preparation: remove oily films, scales and stains
  • Coating: water repellent



There are 5 obvious issues causing poor visibility


  1. Glare oily films
  2. Water sports
  3. Invisibility while driving in a rainy day
  4. Dirt on inner windows (tobacco stains, fingerprints etc.)
  5. Dirt on outer windows (sand, dust etc.)


Do you know how to solve each issue?


Actually, there are dedicated products for each issue:


  1. Glare oily films -> Oily film remover
  2. Water sports -> Glass polish
  3. Invisibility while driving in a rainy day -> Window water repellent coating
  4. Dirt on inner windows (tobacco stains, fingerprints etc.) -> Glass Cleaner
  5. Dirt on outer windows (sand, dust etc.) -> Glass Cleaner


Even thought a glass is dirty like a picture (before), you are able to clean up and its visibility is crystal clear like a picture (after).










[Step 1] Oily film removal

The majority of oily film removers sold is actually alcohol-base glass cleaner or compounds for body so that the issue will never be improved and, even worse, you might make the condition severe.


Therefore. you must utilize the dedicated oily film remover for car glasses.


Oily film remover for car glasses Click here for details!



[Step 2] Glass polish if scaly stains remain

Stains on car glasses are very similar to stains on a mirror in a bathroom. They will not be removed no matter how hard you attempt to wipe them off.


There are products for removing stains on a bathroom mirror, however their particles are quite rough so they are like a paper file. By using those items, you will make cloudiness and scratches on car glasses which are significantly hard to resolve.


There are compounds for car glasses but actually they are the same as compounds for car body (paint surfaces) so that you cannot remove scaly stains effectively. You must use the compound specifically designed for polishing car glasses only.


Dedicated compound for car glasses Click here for details!



[Step 3] Water repellent coating


There are a couple of car window water repellent coating.


Generally, silicon-base water repellent coating agents are sold in shops due to less manufacturing costs. However, silicon-base water repellent coating can be a cause of oily films and stains hence professionals do not use them.


Professionals who understand window care really well use fluorine-base water repellent coating for windows. It has the long coating durability with no turning into oily films and stains.


Fluorine-base window water repellent coating agent Click here for details!



[Step 4] Wiping inner windows


The last step is to clean inner windows.


It looks simple but is actually difficult to complete the task by not leaving the white wiping unevenness. You need techniques to do this.


You are not sure you can do this? No need to worry. There is the glass cleaner which cleans up a glass without the white wiping unevenness by just one wiping.


Professional use glass cleaner Click here for details!


Safe driving needs preparations.

Enjoy driving with the crystal clear windows!