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Which colour of car are you gonna chose, light colour or dark colour?

by Yoshiaki Hirano 08 Apr 2017


Car paint colour is usually classified into "Light Colour" and "Dark Colour". Different colour types give us different impressions of a car. This is why it is important to think and chose carefully paint colour in addition to ride quality, interiors, fuel consumption and so on when we buy a car. Most of the times we chose a colour we want, but in this article we will explain attractiveness and cautions of both light colour and dark colour cars.



Light colour cars



Light colour cars mean mainly white and silver body colour cars. These simple colours create a light and airy impression. The one of advantages of light colour paintings is that fine scratches are less visible on paint surfaces compared to dark colours because light colours suppress the reflecting of lights. If you are thinking to minimize visibility of fine scratches caused by, for instance car wash, light colour cars are recommended.


However, while fine scratches are less visible on light colour paints, dense dirt and stains becomes conspicuously visible, especially tar, pitch, water scaling and bird droppings.



Dark colour cars



Such as black and grey colours are classified as a dirk colour paint. These colours provide a quiet and composed impressions and we also define those colours as chic. The one of attractions of dark colour paintings is to provide high-grade sense. Although a body line is solidly built, the colours make the car look sharp. If your priority is for y our car to have high-grade looks, dark colours are the way to go.


Despite the fact that dark colours can create high-grade sense, fine scratches and dirt are pretty visible, especially water spots, sand and mud so that frequent car wash is needed.



Glass Coating to make your car look clean and shiny


Every car owners want to drive cars cool.

Because dirt and scratches are the causes of breaking coolness of your car, it is important to maintain your car body clean and shiny.


Dirt, stain and dusts on car body should not be remained on car body for a long time in order to avoid intense cleaning jobs. Therefore, regular car wash and maintenance coating are required. Naturally, if you are busy, you cannot keep your times for car washing and coating. In this situation, we recommend Glass Coating.


When you apply glass coating, your car will be covered by the high hardness glass coating layer to protect your car from scratches, dirt, strains and others. Glass coating lets both light colour and dark colour cars demonstrate their maximum attractiveness to maintain clean and shine look for a long time.

Also, glass coating is not only providing scratch resistance and anti-fouling effect, it also gives the glossy finish like your car is wet with water repellent effect. This glossy look is the one of reasons car owners use glass coating and this is the magnifier to make your car even more attractive all the time.



Both light colour and dark colour cars have advantages and attractiveness. It is important that you chose your car body colour which match to your style to have an enjoyable car life. It is important to maintain your cars clean and shine always and for a long time so that glass coating is needed. In order to maximize attractiveness of your car, let's use glass coating.

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