Just use water for car wash after coating!? TRUE or FALSE


Some dealers/detailers say:


"You have done XX Year Durable Coating so that just use water for your car wash"


We often here this catch phrase from dealers/detailers to attract customers. We think you have also heard this before as well. So, a question is this is TRUE or FALSE.


Currently, there are so many different types car coating products in a market so that it is hard to answer this question. However, we understand and advise our customers that cars need shampoo car wash even after coating having done.


Reasons why shampoo car wash is needed



For instance, a car gets oil based dirt every time when driving. Also tar and pitch from asphalt are also attached to car body, plus even touching a car makes oily dirt on its body surfaces. Do you (and these car dealers and detailers) really think these dirt can be washed away by just using water?


It is impossible


It is easy to understand it to compare dish washing like a place, can whatever kind of dirt on a plate can be washed away cleanly if the place has a coating? Obviously it is not. Although a quality coating has been applied to a car, we still require a cleaner to remove oil dirt and other types of dirt, so car shampoo is required.



Can I use whichever car shampoo?


We believe that you understand a need to use car shampoo, even though your car is coated. Hence, a next question could be:


"Which type of car shampoo is the best for my car?"


As you know that like dish washing liquids and floor cleaners should not be used for car wash. The majority of car surfaces is paint surface and some types of car shampoo (surfactant) could cause stain on paint surfaces, paint surfaces are very sensitive.


Also, these dish washing liquids and floor cleaners sold at shops say they are pH neutral, however most of them are actually slightly alkaline. These alkaline liquids, based upon their surfactant types, could damage paint surfaces. 


It is important that you use a shampoo specially made for car wash.



pH Neutral shampoo specially for car wash


SENSHA offers a pH neutral car shampoo, Body Clean. It is also a concentrate liquid so that 1 bottle (800ml) can provide 30-60 car wash based upon car size. Even though this is the concentrate liquid, it is pH neutral so that it is gentle to your car as well as your hands.

In addition, Body Clean is the highly forming car shampoo that fine bubbles gently wash car body without causing scratches.


Maintain your car needs a regular car wash. Please make sure that your car shampoo is safe pH neutral that forms fine bubbles to clean your car!