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The Best Car & Wheel Shampoo

Driving a car regularly, especially in bad weather, means it accumulates a covering of dirt or dust. Added to that are bird droppings, tree sap, salt and other contaminants that all cause serious damage to paintwork and reduce the car’s value. It’s vital, therefore, that you take frequent action to remove them.

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What to Look for in a Car Shampoo

All car shampoos claim to do the job properly but some are better than others. However, all are better than washing-up liquid or other domestic products that aren’t designed for the job, remove wax and protective coatings and may harm your car’s paintwork. 

You can save money by buying a cheap car shampoo but, if that doesn’t clean your car properly, you’ve wasted your money.

The Best Car & Wheel Shampoo Available Online

Buying the best car shampoo will ensure all dirt is removed efficiently and you’re left with a gleaming car. Once you’ve established which is best for you, the main choice is between a straightforward car shampoo and one that is wax-based to apply additional protection at the same time.

The latter involves less effort since washing and waxing is achieved in one go. The added wax also causes the water to bead more and run off better, leading to a smear-free finish due to water not drying on the paintwork.

The down-side, however, is wax-based shampoos tend to have less foam because of the effect of the wax although this does not necessarily lead to any reduction in cleaning ability.

Sometimes it’s down to personal preference since the best shampoo for car use is the one that works for you. You can buy a shampoo with added water repellent and apply a wax polish separately to add a protective layer to your paintwork.

Getting the Best from Your Car Shampoo

Whether you view car washing as a tiresome chore or a labour of love, it’s important you do it correctly for the best outcome (and to save future time and effort). Firstly, use a pressure washer or high-force hosepipe to clear excess dirt and grit from the paintwork since this can cause scratches if dragged across the surface during washing.

Wash with a clean sponge or mitt, applying the recommended mixture of shampoo and warm water from the top downwards. Ensure you clean every surface thoroughly and take care you don’t miss obscure areas. 

Once finished, wash off soapy water with the pressure washer or hosepipe and dry with a clean cloth or leather.

When dry, polish and buff to a high gloss finish. Achieving that finish is partly down to the technique you use but also largely due to the shampoo you choose. 

And don’t forget to make the wheels look as good as the rest of the car, with specialist car wheel shampoo available for the job.

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