Wash Sponge
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Wash Sponge

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Cleaning from body to glasses, Wash Sponge


Wash Sponge is one of very necessary car washing tools. Even though it is the important item that affects a finishing of car washing because this directly touch with car surfaces, its condition and quality would tend to be not considered that much.
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Car Wash Sponge

Cleaning a car can be hard work, which is why most people don’t do it as often as they should do. The job is made easier, as well as more effective, if you have the best equipment and materials — one or more wash buckets, good quality car shampoo and polish, and the best car wash sponge you can get.

Features of a Good Car Washing Sponge

Many people believe any sponge will do the job and so use the cheapest available or an old sponge that’s been used for cleaning around the house. But that’s a false economy and will often lead to a bad job that takes longer than it should.

The purpose of a car wash cloth or sponge is to easily and efficiently clean dirt from your car without scratching or otherwise damaging your paintwork. To do that, it needs to have certain characteristics. Look for a car wash sponge that:

  • is large enough to cover a significant area of the car so you can wash even the biggest car quickly
  • absorbs plenty of water to cover large areas of paintwork before you have to return to the bucket for more
  • is easy to hold, despite its large size, with a comfortable shaped grip
  • will scrub off the toughest deposits of dirt without scratching the paintwork
  • is long-lasting and easy to clean so you can use it many times
  • can be used on all areas of the vehicle, including paintwork, glass, wheels and trim.

Why a Car Wash Microfiber Cloth is the Best Choice

The traditional car sponge has served well for many years but later microfiber versions are proving more versatile and effective. 

The microfiber is attached to the sponge and is comprised of advanced fibres that will gently scrub away even the most stubborn of dirt from the paintwork without scratching the surface.

Dirt that is removed is trapped within the pile of the microfiber cloth so it’s kept away from the paint and causes no damage to it. 

Its super absorbency holds plenty of water and you can use it safe in the knowledge that you’ll give your car the best clean in the safest and quickest manner. And, after every use, it’s machine washable so you can be sure it will be clean and ready for the next wash.

Keeping your car clean and shiny doesn’t have to be hard work. By using the very best SENSHA products, including our microfiber cloth faced sponge, it’s a lot easier and better than you thought.

More Than Just Quality Car Sponges at Sensha

Every motorist that takes pride in the appearance of their car will inevitably invest in equipment and solutions that will afford them the possibility to maintain their vehicle to the highest standards. Cleaning is something that you will naturally do every week or perhaps even more often, depending on just how meticulous you are. With that in mind, having a great car wash sponge ready to use at any time is a basic requirement. You need a dependable material that offers consistent results and won’t set you back too many dollars.

The good news is that here at Sensha, we have a car washing sponge that ticks all of these boxes. It is perhaps the most readily affordable product on our site and is in constant demand. Car enthusiasts in Australia and across 18 other countries make it one of the regular shopping items because they appreciate the value that they are getting, and the consistent results they can achieve.

How to Care for Your Microfiber Cloths

Plenty of folks seldom understand that when it comes to car care, you really must use appropriate materials to wipe down your paintwork or you will risk causing scratches that can compromise the overall appearance. As such, at Sensha, we not only have a great sponge ready to ship but we also stock car wash microfiber cloth solutions.

Since their arrival on the market, these have proven their worth and are one of the staples of any car enthusiast’s arsenal of cleaning tools. However, while a sponge absorbs and can easily shed the dirt and grime that it collects, a cloth should be cared for to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Car Wash Sponge for Exceptional Cleaning

Here at Sensha, we love how effective microfiber cloths are in terms of lifting debris from the surfaces of our cars. Once you are finished your work, the best thing you can do is give that wonderful cloth a quick rinse and then stick them in the wash. Of course, you won’t wash just one car wash cloth on its own, but it is worth separating them from your other household items to prevent them from gathering lint and other fibres.

We are living in increasingly eco-friendly times and so when choosing an effective detergent, try to source something that is scent free and dye free. The less polluted with chemicals, the better because harsh substances will inevitably wear them down much faster, and you risk impressing them onto your paintwork the next time you wash it.

A car wash microfiber cloth is designed to grip and hold. Using fabric softeners reduces its effectiveness in this regard, and it is also worth noting that high heats will do more damage than good. So, let them air dry or if you must, use a very low heat to tumble dry them.

Adding Value and Maintaining That Great Appearance

At Sensha, we constantly seek to refine our methods and deliver new and exciting products to the market that will achieve professional results for our customers. Caring for your car is something that will pay dividends in the long run and those that invest time in car and maintenance will inevitably be able to command a better price when the time comes to sell or trade-in.

So, acquire the basic tools to make that bodywork shine here at Sensha today. A car wash sponge and a car wash cloth won’t set you back a whole lot, but they will afford you the possibility to add value to your car and maintain the kind of eye-catching look you want to achieve every time you drive.

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There are many car owners and even car washing shops and detailers who wash their cars with dirty sponges that sands and dirt are on sponge surfaces and inside. When these sponges are used for car wash, car surfaces will get scratched.


So! We would like to introduce our Wash Sponge.

Our Wash Sponge has the common gourd shape and size of 18cm × 11cm × 5cm, this is the professional use wash sponge as it hardly losing its shape.


We want to make sure that you are always using a clean wash sponge so that we offer our professional use wash sponge ALWAYS $1! Make sure you use this!