DIY Car Wash

Car wash methods

Everyone wants their cars to look attractively clean and shiny, and to have this, we take either three options

1. Use car wash machine

2. Go to car wash place (cafe)

3. Wash by yourself

Then the question is: which is the best?

Many car owners think hand-wash is better than machine-wash, but why?

When we ask this question to car owners who prefer hand car wash, many of them say:

"Less scratches"

"Better quality"

This is not totally true. Recent car wash machines have self-cleaning system so that a chance to make scratches on car surfaces is pretty much the same as hand-wash, and techniques and quality they provide should not be underestimated.

Part specific and problem specific approach

You are now confused because we stated hand-wash and machine-wash provide similar or even the same quality.

The most important thing of car care is:

Understanding material characteristics and problem (dirt / stain) characteristics

A car is a construction of different parts and each part is made of different materials. Likewise, there are so many different types of problems (dirt / stains) on car surfaces. For instance, a coating agent for paint surfaces should not be used for wheels because they are totally different materials, and also you cannot use an iron powder cleaner for removing water scales because dirt characteristics are totally different.

It is 100% impossible to perfectly wash your car by just one product. If there is a product saying "can remove any dirt and stains on your car body", this product does not understand specifications of each car part and dirt, thus it could be "too strong" or "not sufficient" resulting in damages and spending too much time for car wash.

In addition, the car care does not mean only "wash", your car must be "coated". Coating work must be performed to maintain and advance the condition, and as the same as car wash, part specific coating is required to obtain the best coating performances to make your car have the clean and finest glossy shine look.

DIY car washing and coating

Let's go back to the original question: which car care method is better?

The answer is:

Do It Yourself!

Machine car wash still use one shampoo and one coating agent for the entire car washing process and it cannot identify parts and dirt characteristics. Also services provided from car washing places (cafes) are totally not adequate because they use, the same as machine wash, the same product for different materials, dirt and stains, this means that staffs in there could wash and rub your car hardly to remove dirt and stains resulting scratches. Even though they use multiple products for car wash, these products come from different companies so a compatibility is questionable hence there is a change of damages to your car.

And!, most importantly,

It is your car, you know what you want better than anyone else!

Each person has a different sense of cleanness, for instance, a staff in car washing cafe says "I have finished washing your car, it is now clean and shiny", but you might not think so because you have a different sense of cleanness, not the same as the staff.

If you do car washing and coating by yourself, you know what do you want, so you can wash and coat your car until you achieve targets you set!


SENSHA products

SENSHA offers a full product range of car washing and coating products. All our products are part specific and problem (dirt / stain) specific. By doing this, the quality and performance our products provide are maximized. 

We manufacture not only coating products, but also washing products. All your car washing and coating requirements can be satisfied by us. The compatibility was fully checked across the all our product range.

Our Products are exported to more than 18 countries from Japan. We continuously satisfy customer requirements by focusing on quality and reliability by utilizing the DANTOSTU (in English, unsurpassable) quality components, and also product designs enabling the part and problem specific approach with an ease of use. Therefore, everyone can get the same superior finishing and effects, it is not a concern that you are a beginner or an expert.

"SENSHA" in Japanese means "Car washing and Coating"

So! Let's start DIY SENSHA!