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Cheap Car Ceramic Protection Coating

A good car ceramic coating will protect your car’s paintwork and add to its depth and shine. As an added bonus, its ability to repel water means dirt is less likely to stick and, if it does, is much easier to remove. Nevertheless, you still need to clean your car regularly to keep it looking good.

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Why Cleaning of the Car Ceramic Protection Coating is Necessary

Although ceramic coating is long-lasting, often not requiring renewal for several years and at least one year for even cheap ceramic protection, it still has to be looked after.

The coating is an extra layer on top of the car’s paintwork and acts as a ‘sacrificial layer’. That means it is there to take the knocks, scrapes and damage from dirt, UV rays and other contaminants rather than the paint itself.

As a consequence of this, the ceramic coating can eventually be damaged by its constant exposure to harsh conditions and particularly if scraped or hit by large stones. You therefore need to clean the car regularly so that, as part of the process, you can check the integrity of the car ceramic protection and ensure there is no damage. Once washed and dry, you can also polish and wax the bodywork to add a further layer of protection.

How to Clean Your Cheap Car Ceramic Coating

Cleaning a car with ceramic protection is really no different to cleaning any other car, just easier because dirt is less likely to bond to the paintwork after treatment. Nevertheless, you need to stick to certain principles and techniques to do a good job.

Use the appropriate SENSHA products — a car sponge for the glass and paintwork, wheel sponge for the alloys, microfiber cloths to dry and polish the car, car shampoo, glass cleaner and tyre wax. Clean the car when it’s not too hot and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise you’ll likely finish with smeared paintwork.

The Best Ceramic Coating & Cleaning Products Available Online

Clean off the worst of the dirt with a pressure washer or high-pressure hosepipe and then wash thoroughly, starting at the roof and working downwards. Rinse off the suds and then dry the whole the bodywork with microfiber cloths.

Pay particular attention to the wheels because they’re likely to be the dirtiest. And check the paintwork thoroughly to look for damage to the car ceramic protection coating. If so, you may need to reapply to restore the protection level.

If you wish, polish the cleaned car and add an extra layer of wax protection. Done properly, cleaning will ensure the car ceramic coating continues to do its job and your car looks its best.

More Than Just Ceramic Coating & Cleaning Products at Sensha

When it comes to shopping for car ceramic protection coating, we know that you want to get only the very best products available. This product is key to protecting your car, so if there’s one product to make sure you’ve gotten right, it’s this one.

Shop for Your Car Ceramic Coating with Confidence

We go to every length to ensure that we are offering only the very best products to our customers – not only through research and development and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques but also through our business as a whole. We work incredibly hard to perfect every element of our offering and augment your shopping experience through a focus on the following areas.

The Best Shipping Possible

When it comes to your car ceramic protection is one of the best techniques that you can use to protect its finish. We understand that it’s a very important product and that you will want to get it on your car as quickly as possible. This is why we offer fast and efficient shipping on all of our products.

Our products are delicately packaged to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition, and we also offer express shipping if you are in a particular hurry to get the product in your hands. With this option, we will ship your product to you on the next business day so that your car will soon have the ceramic coating that it needs to stay looking great.

Competitive Pricing

If you’re looking for cheap car ceramic coating, we have you covered. Given that we develop and manufacture our own products we can offer the best prices possible. Rather than simply stocking a product produced by another company we make our own, meaning that you aren’t paying any unnecessary prices to cover the cost of a retailer purchasing from a manufacturer.

You will find that our products strike a perfect balance between quality and cost, giving you serious value for money. If you have any questions or concerns about our pricing, our helpful representatives will be able to assist you with any questions that you might have.

Awesome Customer Service

We understand that our customers want to take the very best care of their car and that they may have a series of questions and concerns about our products. This is why we have put the very best Customer Care team possible in place. They are experts in their field and are driven by helping you to make the best choices possible.

They are available via whichever communication method you prefer, whether that’s email, telephone or social media. They are quick to reply, and you’ll find that they are super helpful!

Regular Offers

To ensure that you get the best products at the best prices, we offer regular offers and communicate them via email. This is why we recommend that you sign up to get cheap car ceramic protection! Signing up to our newsletter is simple and you’ll receive regular updates from us on a range of products – keeping your car in perfect condition has never been cheaper!

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