Tommy M. with Body Clean, Fine Crystal, Iron Cut, Scale Clean, Mouton Glove and Scratch Cut

From: Tommy M.
Maker: BMW
Model: Mini Cooper
Products Used: Fine Crystal


I usually bought car washing goods from Auto Shops but I was not satisfied, and my Mini was getting scales and irons on the body and looked not bright so I decided to try Body Clean, Fine Crystal, Iron Cut, Scale Clean and Mouton Glove (they are not cheap).



Body Clean makes fine foam and its washing power is quite good. I used Iron Cut and Scale Clean before applying Fine Crystal. Fine Crystal is easy to use and my Mini gets the smooth and glossy body back! Those items are not cheap but I think it is okay because they make my car look super good and I can use lots of times.

I want to try Scratch Cut once I finish compounds I have now.

Thanks SENSHA! Ta